All You Needed to Know About Your Wedding Catering

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The right food for your wedding can make or break the day. Finding the right caterer is essential for the success of the wedding day.

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The Power of Catering

From the initial planning of the wedding a great caterer can be your strongest ally in the dream wedding event plan. There maybe a wide range of events that will require the touch of a great menu, fabulous execution and stunning ambiance.

It is important to find a caterer that understands your style, food preferences and can help with the menu planning and event arrangements. Whether that is the bridal shower, bachelor/Bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches or the wedding reception; a good caterer can save time, stress and make for well coordinated events that will be the highlight of the activity.

Whether you are dealing with just a fabulous menu to plan or you have special dietary considerations (diabetic, gluten or allergy free, vegetarian or Kosher) the professional caterer should be able to create a menu plan that works well for each event. Catering staff should be available for service, beverage service and for assistance with special guests.

Wedding catering should embrace all the elements of the related events so there is a great flow from the engagement party through to the last dance at the reception. The catering service should be able to offer venues, décor vendors and tableware rentals to make the events special. Menus can be created in a collaborative cycle to build from event to event without duplicating items and keeping within the vision or theme of the wedding overall right through the wedding reception.

Destination catering is becoming very popular as celebrity caterers become more widely known. For some of the country’s best catering service look to the food centers such as New York City, Miami, Denver, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In these locations the VIP service for catering is ratcheted up considerably and the caterers often work with a series of specialized vendors including florists, musicians, lighting, linen and tableware experts.

An entire industry of celebrity wedding stylists has emerged with Martha Stewart, Preston Bailey, Colin Cowie, Mindy Weiss, David Tutera and others pushing the envelope on the drama, glamor and opulence for the spare no expense wedding. Platinum wedding price points can be staggering, so be prepared if you truly want to replicate the wedding of your favorite celebrity. Celebrity caterers often have long waiting lists and you should book them far in advance to ensure the best dates and venues. Look to local bakeries for some of the smaller finger food and sugary snack items for the reception.

An organization like the National Association of Catering Executives can help you find a professional caterer in your market or in the destination city.

Magazines like The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings can be great sources of inspiration for new wedding food ideas, great finger food options for passing trays or food trends for the wedding reception.

Bridal shows and fairs are a great way to meet professional caterers in your city or in the city for your destination event and start the planning process. They may provide samples of food, portfolio of event pictures or other references for you to evaluate how well they fit with you. Communication is critical with your caterer, let them know your budget, your vision and your taste preferences and ask questions to ensure they have understood what you want. They also often have access to wonderful wedding cake designers.

The right caterer can make all the wedding events special and just to your taste.

City Guide

New York

The Upper Crust is a New York City caterer based in Greenwich Village with a wide range of services. They are listed with the Martha Stewart Vendors list and offer tasting menus and culinary options for the wedding couple.


Caribbean Catering specializes in the beach and waterfront wedding with a wide range of services.


Lifestyles Catering offers unique service offerings such as signature chocolate service.

Las Vegas

If you want to go Grand, look into the Wedding Chapel at MGM Grand, offering a wide range of wedding catering service.

Los Angeles

For the eco friendly wedding, look to LA for Eco Caters; they offer a wide range of catering services with a sharp eye on the environment and the eco focused wedding.

Wherever your event takes place there is likely to be a professional caterer ready to help you make it extraordinary. Communicate your vision, be mindful of significant changes and use the resources and specialized skills of the professional to your advantage.