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For many couples, the cost of a proper wedding ceremony is almost a nightmare. On a conservative estimate, the average wedding cost is now more than $10,000. However, with a little organization and research, it is possible to reduce the cost to a manageable level. What you need to do is to sit down with your partner and decide on a budget. Broadly, the budget can be divided into six principal categories: reception, music, photography, flowers, bride’s attire and miscellaneous.

Commonly, about half of every wedding budget is allocated for reception. This includes site fees, food, drink, rentals, service and cake. Each of the other five categories may be allotted 10 percent of the budget.

As reception is the most costly affair, you should pay more attention to it. Did you ever think of the simple fact that a beautiful morning brunch would cost you much less than dinner fare? It is known to everybody that people usually drink and eat less at lunchtime and meals are less expensive. So why not arrange a lunch reception and save a good amount of money? If you can ruthlessly cut down your guest list, you can save a lot.

Try to invite only those who are still in close touch with you. You can drop those friends who have not been in touch with you in the past five years. Try to limit family guests to immediate family and grandparents. If you are having an open bar, limit it to two or three options such as gin or vodka.

Off-season bargain

You can also save money if you can avoid the peak seasons for wedding. If you choose a less busy period, you will be in a position to bargain for better prices. It is common knowledge that if there is a competition among brides for locations and services, the price will inevitably go up. As a cost-cutting measure, you can also buy a pre-loved wedding gown.

If you plan carefully, you can reduce your wedding expenditure in a number of ways. For example, you can cut postage costs by ordering invitations that will need only one stamp.

As regards wedding photographs, choose the most cost-effective option. Engage a photographer to take formal shots and then ask your guests to take candid shots with disposable cameras.

Make sure that the wedding cake and the bouquet are perfect, as these will catch the guest’s attention than anything else. You should choose such a wedding flower that is in season and hence cheaper. And rather than buying these items, you can also ask friends and family if you can borrow things such as punch bowls, glasses and serving trays.