Winter wedding ideas – for the special occasion of your life

Wedding Themes, Winter wedding decoration ideas on a budgetWinter wedding decoration ideas on a budget - Winter Weddings

Most women dream of a perfect wedding. The world may have changed but still every bride to be wants to have a fairytale wedding. Weddings are generally take place in June but some brides prefer a winter wedding. Well ladies, if that is what you have your heart set on, you are probably looking for some winter wedding ideas. Read on to know exactly how you could turn your wedding into a snowy fairytale wedding.

Wedding Themes, Winter Wedding Venue Decorations.Winter Wedding Venue Decorations.

Wedding Themes, Winter Wedding Dresses With Sleeves.Winter Wedding Dresses With Sleeves.

Winter wedding dress:

The wedding dress is something every woman frets over the most. If you are having a winter wedding, you cannot just wear any wedding gown, can you? In accordance with the winter wedding ideas and of course the weather, you should have a gown that is practical as well as elegant. You can go for a white silk gown that can be teamed with a fur wrap or a beautiful matching shrug.

Wedding Themes, Winter Wedding Cake Design Ideas.Winter Wedding Cake Design Ideas.

If you want to be photographed in the open or take a walk, strapless gowns just won’t do. Team your dress with an appropriate shawl or wrap or a shrug. You can even go for a well designed coat.

Wear diamond or ice diamond jewelry to give a wintry feel. A studded tiara would look good too.

Winter wedding venue:

One of the winter wedding ideas is to choose a place that has a huge fireplace. It will be warm and intimate. Of course this is for a small and intimate wedding. For a larger one, you could opt for a historical mansion or an old and majestic church. That would be classy and very effective for your winter wedding.

If you are not sure whether it would snow, don’t book a place with a large window. You would not want your guests to have a view of a grouchy rainy day instead of a lovely snowy landscape. However, you stay in a place where it is bound to snow, a picture window is just perfect.

Winter wedding Decor:

Decorate the place with silver and white decorations. You could also put in red and green if you feel that would be better, keeping in mind the festive season.

White flowers with silver ribbons would be lovely. You could opt for floating candles on every table and sprinkle some silver and gold glitter around the table. Balloon bouquets with gold and silver ribbons are also a good idea. Fake snowflakes could be hung from the ceiling and a general feel of silver, gold and white can be achieved by spray painting tree branches set in pots and later using glitter on them.

Winter wedding cake:

I think you got the general idea of a winter wedding; that it essentially is white. So get a cake with white icing a little bit of silver in it too.

Well ladies, these are the basic winter wedding ideas. I hope you have a perfect wedding.