Wine Wedding Favors to Enhance a Wine Themed Wedding

Wedding Favor, Wine themed wedding favorsWine themed wedding favors - Wine Wedding Favors

You want to celebrate! Do not be surprised if you are thinking of getting some wine to do so. It has in fact become synonymous to festivities and celebrations. Thus you will rarely see a celebration as important as a wedding not including wine on its menu. Not only will you find it being served in the wedding but today it is also being used as wedding favors.

Wedding Favor, Wine Stopper Wedding Favors.Wine Stopper Wedding Favors.

Wedding Favor, Wine Glass Wedding Favors.Wine Glass Wedding Favors.

Selecting Wine as Wedding Favors

At first instance you may think that giving wine as wedding favors would prove to be an expensive idea. But that is not always true. You can either serve the wine bottles during a meal. The guests can have the wine then and they also get an option of taking it home. The other very popular and economical option is to gift them mini bottles of wine. They not only look cute but also are not heavy in your pocket. Even your guests will love the look of it and will find it comfortable to carry back home.

When you are selecting wine, make sure that it should compliment the meal that is to be served to the guests. If the menu of the wedding includes light dishes like fish than you could get white wine for the guests. Red wine on the other hand is perfect for heavy dishes and hearty meat based dishes.

Wedding Favor, Wine Favors Wedding Mini Bottles.Wine Favors Wedding Mini Bottles.

Wedding Favor, Wine Cork Wedding Favors.Wine Cork Wedding Favors.

You can also take into consideration the season when selecting the wine. If t is a warm season then you can opt for white wine. But if is cold or winter time, then red wine is the most suitable, as it also provides warmth to the body.

Now, you will also have guests and children’s attending your wedding who are non-drinkers. For them instead of getting the wine you can get some sparkling mini bottles of apple cider and grape juice. The non-alcoholic beverage can also be used as giveaway for guests who do not drink and also whose culture or religion oppose alcohol drinking.

Personalized Wedding Labels

One of the interesting aspects of giving wine bottles as wedding favors is that you can personalize or customize it. It allows you to add a personal touch to it by adding to it either a personal message, your wedding date or your name as a couple. There is an option of imprinting your photograph on the label as well.

If you want to add more fun to it you can also add some funny messages as well. The guests which would also include your loved ones, will surely like to keep it as a memento or a piece of remembrance of your fabulous wedding and the hospitality extended towards them.

Wine Accessories

Apart from the wine, you can also gift wine accessories like wine stoppers, wine charms, champagne flutes and imprinted wine glasses as wedding favors to your friends. You can get the wine flutes and the wine glasses imprinted with your wedding date and your name. You can decorate it further with a bow and a ribbon that matches your wedding theme or the color of the wedding motif.

No matter what you choose, your guests will surely love the warmth and the feel of festivity that it brings along with it.

Wine Charm Wedding Favors

Wedding Favor, Wine Charm Wedding Favors.

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