Wholesale Canadian Diamonds, Conflict Free Wedding Bands For Women

Wedding Rings, Canadian diamond wedding ringsCanadian diamond wedding rings - Canadian Diamonds Wedding Bands For Women

Some of the nicest wedding bands for women can be found by searching out wholesale Canadian diamonds. Many couples want a nice Celtic Claddagh or Christian diamond wedding ring but want to get a conflict free or cruelty free set.

Wedding Rings, Canadian Diamond Wedding Ring Sets.Canadian Diamond Wedding Ring Sets.

Wedding Rings, Canadian Diamond Wedding Bands.Canadian Diamond Wedding Bands.

Now you do not have to have a guilty conscience for buying that nice, bevel set diamond ring or custom made band. With the option of wholesale diamonds from Canada you can find cheap men’s wedding bands and inexpensive bands for women.

It is no secret that the diamond industry is full of intrigue and bloodshed, mostly on the African continent. On top of that, there is the sometimes murky world of diamond trading on an international scene, complete with sometimes questionable practices.

About Canadian Arctic Diamonds

These cruelty free gems are mined in the Canadian Arctic, using ethical practices and methods. In a few short decades this industry has become a major player on the global scene. Thanks to the fact that they are all blood free diamonds, many couples choose to have their engagement and wedding bands made out of Canadian diamonds.

The current standards for conflict free diamonds demand that they are certified to be mined and cut free from human rights violations, child labor, environmental destruction and violence. Each diamond produced free from these violations is engraved with a mark indicating so. They must be independently tracked from the country and mine, complete with a certificate.

Because the potential for fraud exists in the chain of production, a truly conflict free diamond must have documentation showing that each stage is conflict free. This means that the mining, cutting and polishing is all done in an ethical manner that meets the standards of conflict free diamonds.

Canadian diamonds have a great reputation for the quality, clarity and beauty of each gem.

What about conflict free diamond quality?

Canadian conflict free diamonds are superb quality natural gems that are mined using ethical sources with minimal impact on the environment. The quality is measured by the cut, clarity, color and carat weight, or the 4 C’s. In short, these diamonds are of excellent quality, yet at an affordable price; plus your conscience can rest at ease.

Questions to ask before buying a diamond wedding band

  • What are your conflict free diamond policies?
  • May I see you are published or stated policy?
  • What is your definition of conflict free?
  • Can you provide official certification of conflict free status?
  • Where do your diamonds originate? Where are they cut and polished?
  • How are your diamonds tracked from the mine to the cutting and polishing to the retailer?

If you are looking for a diamond wedding band or engagement ring, the Canadian conflict free choice could be just the solution.