Wedding Table Decorations And Ideas For The Reception

Wedding Decoration, Wedding table flower decorations ideas pink flower table decorWedding table flower decorations ideas pink flower table decor - Wedding Table Decoration

Table decorations for the wedding reception are an important piece of the reception itself. The centerpieces and surrounding decorations help create a mood in the room that will contribute the couple and guests’ memories of the big event. Ideas are endless, limited only be imagination and constraints of the venue.

Wedding Decoration, Wedding Ideas For Table Decorations Sample Of Rustic Wedding Table Decorations Ideas.Wedding Ideas For Table Decorations Sample Of Rustic Wedding Table Decorations Ideas.

Wedding Decoration, Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas Rectangular Tables Wedding.Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas Rectangular Tables Wedding.

Traditional wedding table decorations include flowers. Usually, a large centerpiece sits at the center of the round table. For a reception with rectangular seating, several centerpieces may adorn the table. This is usually true for the head table as well. Often, votive candles surround the centerpiece and provide mood lightly and faint fragrance to the table. Wedding candles and votives can coordinate with the table and or the bridal party colors. While traditional wedding table decorations are beautiful and stand the test of time, a bit of creativity within the tradition can really make the room memorable.

Instead of a large floral centerpiece, consider a hanging centerpiece over the center of each table. A low hanging chandelier full of fresh flowers and greenery adds a twist to the tradition. The presence of a chandelier will make the seating arrangement cozy and intimate despite being housed in a large room full of similar tables. Having the arrangement overhead will also allow guests to converse across the table without having to lean to one side in order to achieve eye contact.

Wedding Decoration, Top Table Wedding Decorations Ideas.Top Table Wedding Decorations Ideas.

Wedding Decoration, Simple Wedding Table Decorations Ideas.Simple Wedding Table Decorations Ideas.

For a non-floral wedding table decoration, a cluster of photographs adds a personal touch to each table. Create a series of tiers in the center of the table, similar to the shape of a wedding cake. Decorate each level with black and white photos of the couple and their families. For the enthusiastic decorator, crafting each set of pictures to suit the guests may be an option. For example, the childhood friends of the bride may enjoy looking at pictures of the friends throughout the years. The groom’s parents may appreciate school pictures from every grade school year. The photographs can even double as wedding favors to be taken home with the guests following the reception.

For the couple with a sweet tooth, a creative centerpiece may be crafted completely from desserts, offering the guests a bouquet of treats for the taking. This would work especially well with wedding receptions that are longer in time and have many children on the guest list. Having chocolate and candy as wedding table decorations within reach may quiet a would-be complainer!

Another flower-less centerpiece for the reception is the idea of a wishing well. However, instead of tossing in pennies and nickels, guests add their well wishes to the guests using craft supplies provided with each well. An empty, clear glass urn or fish bowl sits in the center of the table, and by the end of the evening, the couple will be able to collect and cherish the words and wishes of their friends and families.

Flowers and candles always make a beautiful table decoration for the wedding, but for the more creative or less traditional couple, centerpiece and wedding table decoration ideas are limitless.