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Wedding readings are mostly a way to express your feelings for the newlyweds or in case you are the bride or the groom towards the new life that you are going to embark together. This is a time when you could make some wonderful memories in the hearts of everyone present at the wedding.

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It is not very easy to come up with the right wedding readings and many people find it very difficult to deliver their lines when the time comes. Many find it very difficult to find the right words, the right expressions – but the secret to having a great wedding reading is to keep it simple and to speak from the heart.

Some Ideas That Make A Great Reading at the Wedding

There are many ideas on how to go about this if you take the trouble to look for it. The following tips might be of help:

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  • Humor – there is nothing more effective at this time than a humorous reading on your wedding for the bride, groom or anything that might have happened during their courtship. The funny story you choose should not be sleazy as this would embarrass the newlyweds and the guests, nor should it divulge any secrets. Concentrate on something that would bring a smile on people’s faces without any side-effects.
  • Advice – use your own life, or their parents’ life to give some nice advice as they are on the verge of starting a new life. A few things coming from the heart regarding marriage and relationship between husband and wife would be simply great at this time for most wedding readings. Try not be condescending when you give such advice. Keep it light and sentimental. This is an exceptional occasion for the newlyweds and such advice would make their day even more special and memorable.
  • Thank you – one of the most comfortable styles for reading at weddings is the thank you note. It is beautiful to thank everybody who contributed to making this beautiful ceremony possible, depending on your own role. You could also express your gratitude for knowing the bride and the groom and say that their love for each other has inspired you. Remember, whatever you say has to center on the newlyweds.
  • Wishes – you could also wish the newly weds a lot of good. Look back into the history and choose some great romances (which culminated into a lived-happily-ever-after scene) and wish the newlyweds such type of happiness.

You could always embellish your wedding readings with famous quotes to make it even more interesting. Once you apply these tips, you will see how easy it is to have a wedding reading ready.

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