Wedding Planning Dos And Donts

Wedding Planning, Wedding Planning Dos And DontsWedding Planning Dos And Donts - Plan a wedding Planning a wedding

It’s the most wonderful time in our lives, yet our minds feel so frazzled. It’s understandable. Every couple goes through the hectic schedule of ordering, scheduling, paying, and planning for their wedding. Just remember it’s your wedding planning that’s actually the hardest part. After that, it’s smooth sailing. In order to achieve the best results without anything forgotten, unpaid, unplanned, or not negotiated, here are a few wedding DO’s and DONT’s that should keep your wedding planning in order:


Always remember to make reservations early in advance. If you’re planning a destination wedding, make reservations up to one year in advance. Especially if it’s a location frequented by tourists. Seasonal “hot spots” often require reservations 12 16 months in advance. Consider the amount of guests and room accommodations you will need for them as well.

Order your wedding gown, bridal dresses, and groom’s party attire at least ten months in advance.Minor adjustments should be made two months prior to your wedding date.

This is such an important aspect of your wedding planning.

  • Remember wedding favors for your guests. It’s an important way of thanking them for joining your special occasion.
  • Remember flowers for the bride and groom’s mothers and grandmothers as a part of your wedding planning.
  • Remember gifts for your best man, bridesmaid, flower girl, and ring bearer.
  • Match comfort and style together. You don’t want to wear a gown that’s uncomfortable. Tugging, pulling, and adjusting is unflattering. Make sure a comfortable dress that flatters your figure is a part of your wedding planning.
  • Do hire vendors with previous experience. Always ask to see portfolios, references, and examples of their work.


Book reservations for your guests until your reservations are booked. You need to be 100% sure of your wedding destination before making reservations everywhere.

Leave too many wedding planning decisions on your bridal party and parents. They too can become overwhelmed. Everyone needs to pitch in on wedding planning.

Plan to lose 50 lbs. In six months, causing you to order a dress half your size. Wedding planning can easily fall apart when women order wedding gowns too small. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to take let a wedding gown out then take it in.

Hire caterers, DJ’s, photographers, or vendors who lack experience. If you have specific requests, inform all vendors prior to signing contract. Make sure your requests are highlighted in the written contract.