Wedding Insurance Is Very Important

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A wedding is a big investment, both in love and money. It requires a ‘biggish’ budget and so a wedding insurance is the need of the hour today. Like any major event, a wedding also requires prior planning and preparations. Wedding insurance protects the investment of your time and money that would go into all these preparations. A smart person will always get wedding insurance to protect his/her interests in case of the event being canceled, postponed etc.

The Things That Need Wedding Insurance

The most important things that you must definitely take an insurance cover for are:

  • Wedding gown: Insurance of your gown is of prime importance. Imagine the bridal firm being unable to deliver your bridal gown to you on your big day. What will you do? A wedding insurance claim can set the matters right then.
  • Sickness or Injury: Unfortunately, sickness, injury or even death is not in our hands. If the bride or the groom or any of their family faces such an unfortunate situation, insurance can save the day.
  • Liability & Injury: Some wedding locations also demand that you have liability insurance. This insurance covers all untoward expenses such as any injury to invitees, damage to property, spoiling of DJ equipment and furniture etc.
  • No-show of people involved: Insurance must be taken for the event of the marriage party, officials and wedding planner not showing up.
  • A venue, caterer, and other issues: Tick this insurance option as well. Caterers may suddenly go bankrupt or the venue personnel may provide incompetent service. A wedding insurance can provide ample protection against any such misfortunes. You could get cover for damages as well as non-refundable deposits made to them. Unforeseen new expenses are covered in this option too.
  • Transport: A wedding insurance will provide cover for the limousine, rental cars and other hires for the purpose of transportation of the couple and guests to and from the ceremony and reception. Go for complete travel insurance if yours is going to be a destination wedding.
  • Other sundry insurance: Matters such as photography/videography, the honeymoon etc. also need an insurance cover. Even your wedding hairstyles can be insured today.

A wedding is a time of celebration. No one would want it to be hampered with risks and losses. A wedding insurance gives you the assurance that your marriage events will go as you want it to be. It will help you stay calm and collected in case of any misfortune or losses. You will always be in control, no matter what. So you can go on and rest assured that your wedding insurance will take care of all the important matters.