Wedding Favors – Does Your Wedding Really Need Them?

Wedding Favor, Unique homemade wedding favors diy popcorn mason jar wedding favorUnique homemade wedding favors diy popcorn mason jar wedding favor - Wedding Favors

The tradition of having favors at your wedding dates back to European aristocrats. They gave their guests a small trinket box made of crystal or porcelain and sometimes adorned with precious stones. It was called a bonbonniere Inside the box they put in sugar cubes or rich confections, which symbolized wealth and royalty. Sugar was scarce and it was a sign of wealth. The name bonbonniere still is used by many ethnic groups when talking about wedding favors. To those of Italian descent, it means Jordan Almonds enclosed in some sort of box, flowers or other containers.

Wedding Favor, Fall Candle Wedding Favors.Fall Candle Wedding Favors.

Wedding Favor, Purple Candle Wedding Favors.Purple Candle Wedding Favors.

What is Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a gift from the bride and groom to their guests to commemorate their wedding. Consider giving them a small engraved picture frame. Order small pictures of you as a couple and include it with your thank you note. They can put your picture into the frame! Some favors are given per couple, some are per person.

Wedding favors are given out at the reception. They are either placed on the reception tables in front of the place setting, distributed by the staff or placed on a table at the reception.

Wedding Favor, Unique Spring Wedding Favors For Beach Wedding Themes.Unique Spring Wedding Favors For Beach Wedding Themes.

Wedding Favor, September Wedding Favors Fun Fall Wedding Favors.September Wedding Favors Fun Fall Wedding Favors.

Some brides are choosing to use eco-friendly “green” favors to their wedding guests. There are favors that have wildflowers pressed into paper and fashioned into a cool design. The guests plant the favor and they have flowers to remind them of your wedding!

Wedding favors are small presents given to wedding guests from the bride and groom as a thank you gift for joining in the wedding celebration. It is a small gift for the guests to take home to keep as a remembrance. Wedding favors add that personal touch and tie your party theme together and give the guests a gift to remember your wedding day.

Favors are a thank you gift from the couple. It is not necessary to pick out individual favors that appeal to each guest.

It is a universal commemorative of your wedding, your favor should reflect your wedding theme, color or personality. You can have personalized favors that feature the names of the wedding couple as well as the date. You can choose confections, such as chocolate favors. There are candles shaped like miniature wedding cakes, hand painted sea shells, handmade soaps, bottles of wine, decanters of olive oil, small picture frames, the selection is only as limited as your imagination.

Some couples will seek out favors that celebrate their cultural heritage. Others will find favors that compliment their color scheme to give the reception a unified look. Others will base it on their shared interest as a couple.

There are thousands of favors in all price ranges. one of them is Magnet wedding favor, You can shop for favors at a lot of online stores that keep up with the latest colors and trends. Tiffany blue is a popular color theme, you can all sorts of tiffany blue. One great find is mini Tiffany boxes filled with chocolates and tied with a ribbon. Very chic and elegant!

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Wedding Favor, Diy Wedding Favors Spring Eco Green Wedding And Succulent Wedding Favor.

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