Wedding Fashion Ideas For Your Big Day

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A wedding is a time for celebration when two people in love decide to spend the rest of their lives in the company of each other; choosing to share all days that bring joy and the sad ones too in togetherness. The wedding ceremony is a beautiful affair that brings out a near fairytale ambiance- the decorations, the food, the music; all make for a perfect setting. Of course, a large part is also contributed by the elegance that a beautiful wedding gown generates.

Wedding Dresses, Elegant Vintage Wedding Gown With Sleeves.Elegant Vintage Wedding Gown With Sleeves.

Wedding Dresses, Bridal Accessories Long Vintage Wedding Veil.Bridal Accessories Long Vintage Wedding Veil.

There is always an elegance when it comes to fashion at a wedding. The bride looks resplendent in a white gown with delicate jewelery adorning her and the groom is dashing smart in a tuxedo. Not to forget the bridesmaids, whose dresses and accessories designed to match the wedding theme makes for a pretty picture.

Wedding Gown

Of course, the spotlight remains on the bride as it is the most special day of her life. A wedding gown is the single most precious purchase a bride-to-be makes before her wedding. White is the traditional bridal color, but it is simply amazing to note just how many different shades of white there can be in the market! Many brides also opt for non-traditional colors for their wedding; there is no harm in making a style statement as long as the bride feels comfortable in it- it is her day after all.

Bridal Accessories

Then, there are bridal accessories that add the finishing touches to a wedding gown and complete the look. The veil is a charming accessory which a bride may choose to wear in many different ways. A typical veil is either single or multiple layered made of tulle and normally attached to a comb-style slide. A single layer generally is brought forward to cover the bride’s face, though this is now something observed only at very traditional weddings. A chiffon veil is also quite popular and looks pretty with embroidered trimming.

Tiaras are another elegant accessories that when wearing a veil, sits in front of the veil comb and holds it in place. Tiaras made from metal and decorated with beads, crystals, and gemstones lend a look of exquisiteness to the bridal attire.

The final accessory would be the jewelery to complement the wedding dress, the engagement ring and the tiara. Ornaments for a bride are mostly small, elegant designs which add grace to the overall look without overdoing it. Common bridal jewelery consists of a necklace, earrings and a bracelet.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Apart from being the bride’s closest friends, bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding. Dressed similarly in colors that complement the bride’s gown and the wedding theme, the styling of bridesmaid dresses and accessories quite as much determines the fashion quotient of any wedding.

The bride walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown followed by her bridesmaids looking pretty too makes for a wonderful picture. While everybody feels happy from within, the elegant dresses and accessories radiate that inner joy for all to see.