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A wedding that is planned considering all aspects of wedding etiquette is a marriage that is quoted wide and far as a perfect event. Wedding etiquette should be foremost on the mind of both the bride and the groom as emotions can run high during marriage time. There is so much to do and so many persons with differing opinions involved that many disagreements can ensue during this time. The bride’s mother might clash with the bride’s mother-in-law to be and that would spoil all the fun. Wedding etiquette ensures that everybody enjoys the wedding and no one’s feelings are hurt during the numerous events that include the bridal shower, wedding songs, bachelor party etc.

Wedding, Wedding Etiquette Thank You Notes Modern Wedding Thank You Card Wording.Wedding Etiquette Thank You Notes Modern Wedding Thank You Card Wording.

Wedding, Wedding Etiquette Flowers For Family.Wedding Etiquette Flowers For Family.

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Here is a list of wedding etiquette tips that can help you.

Plan the finances of your wedding. Decide who will pay for what from the groom’s as well as the bride’s side. In a traditional marriage, the bride’s parents take on the responsibility of nearly all the complete expenses but times are changing now! The groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner and wedding etiquette require that the bride’s family confirms the same. In fact, the bride and the groom should sit with the bridesmaids, groom’s men and their parents to finalize the cost splitting of the marriage. At times, the bride and the groom also like to pay for the marriage themselves especially if it is a second nuptial for one or both of them.

Wedding, Wedding Etiquette For Guests.Wedding Etiquette For Guests.

Wedding, Wedding Etiquette Gift Of Gift Registry Etiquette.Wedding Etiquette Gift Of Gift Registry Etiquette.

Once the cost factor has been settled, the next important thing is the invitations. Proper wedding etiquette demands that the bride’s parents’ names should be listed on the invitation. However, today if all are in happy agreement, you can choose to write unconventional words that include names of both the bride’s family and the groom’s family on the invitation card. Send invitations to even those persons who you know might not be able to attend the event.

You can make your big day even more special by offering to pay for the airfare, rental cars and hotel rooms of the guests. However, do this without offending them.

If you have invited more than 75 guests, ensure a receiving line at the site of the ceremony. Your guests should receive a warm welcome from your family and marriage party.

The Thank-you cards are as important as the invitation cards. Wedding etiquette states that once your honeymoon is over, you should sit together with your spouse and send the Thank-you cards to all your near and dear ones. It would be extremely nice if you would hand-write the Thank-you cards. You can send them till about one month after your wedding, any later would be just too late!

Wedding etiquette can make marriage celebrations go smoothly from the beginning to the end. So use these tips and have a fairytale marriage.

Wedding Etiquette Invitations

Wedding, Wedding Etiquette Invitations.