Should You Use a Wedding Dress Finder?

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It is no secret that weddings earn billions of dollars for businesses each year. As long as there are brides (and there will always be brides) there is the chance to earn big bucks as they plan their special day. More and more people are finding a way to join the ranks of wedding service providers. One service that has popped onto the scene is the wedding dress finder.

As the name implies, a wedding dress finder will work with the bride to help her find the perfect wedding gown. But do you really need a wedding dress finder?

The short answer is probably not. Your family and bridesmaids are likely more than able and willing to assist you in your selection of a bridal gown. Still, some brides-to-be are so unsure about the process that the thought of having a professional to help them is appealing.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering using the services of a wedding dress finder.

They Have Their Own Opinion

This might sound obvious, but you need to remember that each wedding dress finder is going to be filtering your choices through her own filter of what she thinks is an ideal wedding dress.

Of course, a true professional will be able to put her own opinion aside, but only to a certain extent. You need to be prepared to stand up for what you want, even if it differs from her vision for you.

It’s an Extra Expense

Wedding dresses are already expensive. If you use the services of a wedding dress finder, you are only adding to that expense.

Some charge a flat fee, while others charge a small percentage of the dress. Either way, unless you have a fairly flexible wedding budget, this is one service you might want to skip.

They Know Their Stuff

While there are some cons to using a wedding dress finder, there can be pros as well. A professional will be very familiar not only with all of the styles of gowns but also with price points and what will look best on your body type and at your style of wedding.

She should also be able to make suggestions that will help you find the dress you want at the price you want. For example, if you are in love with a designer gown that is way over your budget, a good wedding dress finder should be able to suggest alternatives that will capture the essence of the gown you love, but that will cost less.

Nationwide Search

Many of the best wedding dress finders have connections all over the country. Your search will not be limited to the area in which you live but instead will include a much wider selection of stores and, therefore, gowns.

So do you need a wedding dress finder? No, but if you are very unsure – and have the room in your budget – a good one can be helpful in assisting you in your search to find the dress of your dreams that will be the most flattering to your figure.