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Some brides are very sentimental about their wedding gown. Such brides usually have their gowns professionally cleaned and then store them away, pulling them out to look at them now and then and dreaming of the day when their own daughter might someday choose to wear the dress on her wedding day.

Other brides don’t really care about keeping the dress, but aren’t sure what to do with it. For those brides, wedding dress donation is a really good choice.

When you donate your wedding dress you have the opportunity to help a person or an organization in your community. While the first thing that might come to mind is donating your dress to a bride who might not be able to afford one, there are many other options when it comes to wedding dress donation.

Many charities accept donations of all types. The goods donated are then sold and the money funneled back into the charity. Some charities, such as some hospitals and veteran’s groups, operate their own thrift stores.

When a wedding dress is donated, it will be sold in the store and the profits used to fund the charity.

Some groups specialize in wedding dress donation related fundraising. One such group holds events called Brides Against Breast Cancer. Bridal salons and former brides donate their new or used wedding dresses.

The dresses are then prepared for sale and wedding gown sales are held at various locations throughout the country.

All of the money raised at the Brides Against Breast Cancer events is used to fund Making Memories, a charity that grants wishes to women with terminal cancer.

Wedding dress donation can also be done from one bride to another. If you know of a bride who is having trouble paying for her wedding, consider donating your dress to her.

If your wedding dress donation takes place through a charitable organization, you will be able to claim the worth of the dress as a tax deduction.

If you want to take advantage of the tax deduction, it is a good idea to keep your original receipt for the dress, along with the receipt you got when you donated the dress. You never know when the IRS may choose to question an item on your tax return and such a large deduction under “clothing” might raise a red flag.

If you have a charity that is very special to you, call them and ask if they have any use for your dress. Many charities hold sales and auctions throughout the year, so you may be surprised at how many groups could benefit from your donation.

Once your special day is past, you can continue to let your love be a blessing to others through wedding dress donation. Whether you give your dress to a deserving bride, or donate it so that a charitable group that you love can raise some much needed funds, donating your dress is a way that the dress that meant so much to you can become just as special to someone else.