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All the aspects of a wedding are important, the wedding cake being one of the most important ones. The design of the wedding cake is generally selected by the bride and the groom, and it can be personalized in order to make it more special. In any case, more often than not, it is found to echo the couple’s sense of style. Wedding cake designs should also be compatible with the rest of the food served, as well as the way in which the reception has been organized.

Wedding Cake, Unique Wedding Cake Designs White Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Lights.Unique Wedding Cake Designs White Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Lights.

Wedding Cake, Small Wedding Cake Designs Fly Cakes And Pastries For Small Wedding.Small Wedding Cake Designs Fly Cakes And Pastries For Small Wedding.

Since there is a large variety from where the design can be chosen, it sometimes becomes quite a task to do the same. There are conventional cream or simple, white icings and also unusual designs in an array of wedding cake designs and colors. There is no limit to the designs that been thought up over the years. Though some couples would want to stick to the normal routine cakes, others like to experiment, while still others insist on choosing unique cake designs for weddings, which are trendy at the moment.

However choosing a wedding cake design is not all that there is to it. The type of cake can be chosen keeping in mind the rest of the menu. The flavor can be chosen from a large variety. Also the wedding cake might be of any type- it could be a cheesecake or a sponge cake. A couple can design the wedding cake in whichever way they want, as it is their wedding and their cake. If they are fond of cars, then the cake may have a tiny little car next to the figures of the groom and the bride. Whether they have to replicate the bride’s gown, or have their initials interlaced on the cake, there are experienced chefs to do so.

Wedding Cake, Designer Wedding Cakes For Purple Wedding Themes.Designer Wedding Cakes For Purple Wedding Themes.

Wedding Cake, Design Your Own Wedding Cake Glamour Disney Themed Wedding Cake.Design Your Own Wedding Cake Glamour Disney Themed Wedding Cake.

Today, bakers offer a large plethora of ideas covering each and every aspect of the wedding cake. These include the flavor of the cake, the type of the cake as well as the icing on top; they have ;left no stone unturned to make your wedding cake one of a kind.

Different places have different traditions. In Bermuda they follow a simple but beautiful tradition according to which a small tree is used as a topping for the cake. This very tree is later planted in the garden of the couple, after their marriage, so that they can see it grow all through their lives after marriage. The tree, in a way, is a symbol of their marriage. For the topping, another great idea is to use things that may beautify the cake. Wedding flowers (which may or may not be for eating), fruits and chocolates can be easily used.

It is important that we choose the right size too. This shall be done, keeping in mind the total number of guests attending the event. Always wedding cake designs are dependent on the size. However, cost is the most important factor for most people. One must go for a cake, which one can afford.

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Wedding Cake, Design A Wedding Cake.

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