Wedding Bands For Women And Men

Wedding Rings, Palladium Wedding Bands For Women And MenPalladium Wedding Bands For Women And Men - Wedding Bands For Men Wedding Bands For Women Engagement rings

Few traditions mean as much as wedding bands for women and men. So much is represented in these little expressions of love and devotion, and it is important to find just the right ring for you own special relationship.
Many couples already have a good idea of what design or material they want, while others have no firm idea. We hope to help you make an informed decision that will make you both happy for many years to come, even for eternity!

Wedding Rings, Platinum Wedding Bands For Women And Men.Platinum Wedding Bands For Women And Men.

Wedding Rings, Yellow Gold Wedding Bands For Women And Men.Yellow Gold Wedding Bands For Women And Men.

Types of materials

  • Gold is always a favorite and has been for centuries. Gold is very strong, yet the most malleable of the metals. It will not rust, corrode or tarnish and is hypoallergenic for most skin types. Because it is soft, it is mixed with other metals, such as silver, nickel, copper or zinc, which add to it’s strength and durability.
    Karatage is expressed in 24ths, which means that 24k gold is 100% pure and 18k is 75%.
    The color is determined by the alloy used and the quantity.
  • Yellow gold usually comes as 14k or 18k. The 18k contains more gold than the 14k and is preferred for everyday use because it is more durable. Where strength is not so important 14k is the choice.
  • White gold is actually gold that is plated with rhodium, a shiny, white metal that is very hard. This plating may eventually wear off, showing the original color. It is a simple matter to re-plate the gold, restoring the whiteness.
  • Rose gold is the result of more copper added to the base metal, giving that beautiful color.
  • Silver is a very soft metal and usually has alloys added, to make it more durable. The standard for silver is Sterling, which 92.5% silver and 7.5 copper. This is the result of centuries of history and trial and error, to arrive at the best alloy at the best ratio.
    Federal law requires a mark, such as Sterling, sterling silver, ster, .925. This ensures your ring is of the highest quality and you are getting what you pay for.
  • Platinum is a very strong and durable metal and is favored for settings, such as diamonds. Gold and silver will wear down over time, but platinum is extremely hard and wear resistant and will last a lifetime, or more. The cool, white sheen is very attractive in settings of diamonds and other gems.
  • Palladium is a very rare metal and is a member of the platinum family. As a noble metal it is able to withstand corrosion and oxidation very well. Used in jewelry, it is 95% pure and will remain white forever, making it a beautiful choice.

Women’s wedding and engagement rings

Wedding bands for women generally fall into 4 groups. The important thing is to find the ring that expresses your special love, not what is correct or acceptable in somebody else’s viewpoint.

  • A perfect match is combining an engagement ring to fit with a wedding band, side-by-side. It could be the diamonds or the type of metal or the design, just so they form a match.
  • Unique combination is simply combining engagement and wedding bands, regardless of matching metal or gems. This can create a unique impression and is quite popular.
  • 18K platinum and gold rings. These standard bands will last a lifetime and come in an endless variety of designs.
  • Women’s diamond wedding bands also have stood the test of time. You can choose between a prong setting, which reveals more light; a channel setting, which protects the gem from wear and abrasion; or a three stone setting, which shows your past, present and future together.

Wedding bands for men

  • Typically, men opt for 18k platinum or gold bands with subtle designs. There is also the option of a channel set diamond ring, which protects the gems from wear and tear. It is quite possible to find an inexpensive wedding band for men without being cheap. Some couples may find engagement ring financing of interest.
  • Male engagement rings may be appealing for some couples as well. This practice is not that common, but some people find it appropriate.

Favorite styles of engagement and wedding bands for men and women

Wedding Rings, White Gold Wedding Bands For Women And Men.White Gold Wedding Bands For Women And Men.

Wedding Rings, Silver Wedding Bands For Women And Men.Silver Wedding Bands For Women And Men.

  1. Irish Claddagh
  2. Christian
  3. Yellow and white gold
  4. Diamond
  5. Platinum
  6. Palladium
  7. Custom designs
  8. Stainless steel
  9. Carbide
  10. Carbon Fiber

Now, with wholesale Canadian diamonds, you can buy conflict free wedding bands and engagement rings. With some effort, you can also find fair trade rings.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands For Women

Wedding Rings, Rose Gold Wedding Bands For Women And Men.

Wedding Rings, Gold Wedding Bands For Women And Men Or Gold Wedding Rings For Men And Women.