Wedding Attendance Gifts – Showing Appreciation to Your Wedding Party

Wedding Gifts, Wedding Attendance GiftsWedding Attendance Gifts - Wedding Attendance Gifts Wedding attendant gifts

Opening wedding gifts is one of the most exciting things ever. Even TV shows and sitcoms like “Friends” dedicated whole episodes to it. Remember Monica not being able to contain herself and start opening all the wedding presents with her friend Phoebe despite the fact that she promised to open the presents with her newly wed husband Chandler. It’s hilarious, well only if you are a “Friends” fanatic. But there are not only the bride and groom who are in the lucky position of getting gifts. Did you know that it is common practice that the wedding attendance also gets gifts from the bride and the groom?

Wedding Gifts, Wedding Attendant Gifts Etiquette.Wedding Attendant Gifts Etiquette.

Wedding Gifts, Wedding Attendance Gifts Ideas.Wedding Attendance Gifts Ideas.

Let’s clarify what wedding attendance actually means. Your wedding attendance is those who are with you on the day of your wedding. Your ring barer, your maid of honor, the best man, your maid’s and groom’s men. There are lots of things you can do.

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Wedding Gifts, Wedding Attendance Gifts For Children.Wedding Attendance Gifts For Children.

Wedding attendance gifts for children

Let’s start with the kids. Their gifts should be their ring pillow, gift basket or whatever it is that they are using for you that day. Something else you might want to get for them is commemorative jewelry. For the girls you can give small little heart-shaped necklaces and have the wedding day engraved on the back.

For the boys you could get bracelets with their name on it, and as another option, on the back you could have the date of your wedding engraved.

You may also consider jewelry for the rest of your wedding attendance as well. Cufflinks for the men, and jewelry for the ladies are always a great gift for your attendance because they can actually wear these type of gifts during the wedding, which is always a nice touch.

If you want to make it even more personal find something that is important to each of your attendance. For instance: If you have a friend that’s into scrapbooking put together a set that includes a scrapbook, papers, stickers and maybe some stamps. For close friends you might want to give a fun photo frame and you can fill it with photos either from the wedding or from your childhood, or why not both? They will really appreciate a gift like that.

Generally men are a little harder to buy for. A good idea is finding out what they are in to. If they like beer, then maybe some beer stands would be appropriate. Once you know what they are into it’s much easier to make the right choice for the right gift.

Here is the last and probably most important suggestion. Always make a budget for your wedding attendance gifts and stick to it.