Types Of Wedding Cake Stand

Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake Stand Rental cheap priceWedding Cake Stand Rental cheap price - Wedding Cake Stand

The cake might be as important as the bridal gown or the decorations at the wedding cake gallery, but the wedding cake stand has its own significance. After all, it gives a chance to the wedding cakes to ‘stand out in the crowd of guests’. At the time of checking out the varying wedding cake prices, you must also select a wedding cake stand that suits your budget.

Wedding Cake, Three Tier Wedding Cake Stand Unique With Flower Wedding Cake.Three Tier Wedding Cake Stand Unique With Flower Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cake, Three Tier Cake Stand Wedding White Square Wedding Cake.Three Tier Cake Stand Wedding White Square Wedding Cake.

Remember, the cutting of the wedding cake is going to be one of the most treasured moments of your life and you surely wouldn’t want it spoilt by any untoward incident with the cake stand. Your cake stand has to hold the cake well, as all eyes are glued upon it when the couple-to-be cut the cake. It has to be strong and sturdy yet attractive to look at.

Take A Pick

There is number of wedding cake stands that you can pick from. Here are some popular ones:

Wedding Cake, Floating Cake Stand Wedding Cakes Diy Wedding Cake Stand.Floating Cake Stand Wedding Cakes Diy Wedding Cake Stand.

Wedding Cake, Discount Wedding Cake Stands Round Wedding Cake Stands Model.Discount Wedding Cake Stands Round Wedding Cake Stands Model.

  • A round or square wedding cake stand is ideal for a traditional three-tiered wedding cake. It comes in the form of a flat cake plate; a plateau stand which is flat or raised uniformly off the table; or a pedestal which is raised in the center by some sort of pillar stand.
  • Cake stands come in a variety of materials such as glass, acrylic, ceramic, china and metal. Single-use Styrofoam cake stands are highly popular nowadays.
  • A wedding cake stand can be arranged for a group of cakes. With it, each cake has its own different stand. These stands are kept on various heights allowing you to display the wedding cakes in different ways such as stair-step format, a rounded appearance, in a cascading appearance, or in an asymmetrical group. This type of cake display goes well with both traditional and non-traditional cakes.
  • Wedding cake stands with pillars are by far the most popular. Here the cake uses pillars and bases in between the tiers. The pillar can be kept short or tall, according to personal preference. Candles, fountains and theme decor can enhance the look of a cake.
  • A cake stand with a single column in the middle of the cake stand is also a grand idea. It gives the cake an appearance of a majestic tower. It also gives you the freedom to decorate the cake with further wedding decorations.
  • A different type of wedding cake stand is the floating stand. This cake stand is mostly used with three-tiered cakes.

You can keep your cake stand simple or ornate. You could make your own cake stand as well by using an heirloom cake plate or something else to suit the theme of your wedding. Like for a beach wedding, a shell-shaped cake stand could be a something unique. You can check with your bakery about what they can do for you and get the right wedding cake stand for your crowning glory- the wedding cake.

20 Wedding Cake Stand With DISPLAY

Wedding Cake, 20 Wedding Cake Stand With DISPLAY LED LIGHT UP.

Wedding Cake, 16 Inch Wedding Cake Stand Round Wedding Crystal Cake Stand.

Wedding Cake, 14 Inch Wedding Cake Stand Mirrored Silver Wedding Cake Stands Decor.

Wedding Cake, 12 Inch Wedding Cake Stand 12 Inches (30 Cm) Holders Of Wood For Wedding Cake.