Traditional Wedding Music Makes Your Wedding Day Even More Special

Wedding Music, Traditional Wedding Music Makes Your Wedding Day Even More SpecialTraditional Wedding Music Makes Your Wedding Day Even More Special - Traditional Wedding Music

There’s something really special about having traditional wedding music on your wedding day. The familiar tunes will establish the fact that you are indeed getting married. It is imperative to stick to traditional tunes when you get married in a church. This is because most churches do not permit non-traditional music to be played in the venue. Another good reason for playing traditional music in a church is that the organ player and other church musicians will definitely know the traditional wedding songs very well. They will not have to learn something new and you know for sure that the music will be played melodiously.

You Can Get Wedding Song CDs In Stores And On The Internet

You can have recorded traditional wedding music playing at your wedding ceremony as well. In case, there is no organ player in the church or if you are holding your marriage ceremony at a different location, then you can play recorded wedding music. This way you can ensure that the songs are perfectly rendered, thus adding to the ambience. There are many CDs available that have all the wedding songs that you might have heard. You could pick these up at any music store near you. You can even download popular wedding music from the internet.

Download Your Favorite Songs From The Internet

The best thing to do would be to search for traditional wedding music on the internet. Look for sites where you can hear samples of the songs before you download the entire song. You can choose the songs that you want and copy them onto a CD. You can ask your priest if they have a CD player in the church and get someone reliable to operate it. You don’t want the wrong songs being played for the different sections of the ceremony!

Some Popular Traditional Wedding Songs

The most popular song for the bride’s entrance is of course the Bridal Chorus by Wagner, also known as “Here Comes The Bride”. This song and the Wedding March are the two songs that you will definitely want to include in your wedding playlist. Believe me, you will feel like your wedding is incomplete without these two songs. Some other traditional songs played at weddings include Arioso by Bach, Largo by Handel and Ode To Joy by Beethoven.

Here Comes The Bride

Arioso by Bach

Ode To Joy by Beethoven

Many couples may not prefer traditional wedding music for their reception. Most modern day couples prefer to hire a live band or a DJ for the party. They prefer all the latest songs to be a part of their wedding reception music. You could get a band or DJ who will play all the latest songs that you love. But they should also have some traditional wedding music in their collection to make your reception seem more complete.