The Mother Of The Bride Dress and Duties

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Being the mother of the bride is something that brings with it lots of responsibilities as she has to be with the bride throughout the wedding. It is this person who is ready to help the bride in all capacities if and when required.

Wedding, Mother Of The Bride Pandora Charm.Mother Of The Bride Pandora Charm.

It is better if the mother of the bride meets the mother of the groom so that all arrangements of the wedding are synchronized. This way, the bride and groom have no need of worrying too much about the wedding details including wedding preparations, getting registered at the bridal registries and sending out announcements to papers if required.

The bride’s mother is the best person to prepare a list of the guests to be invited to the wedding. She ensures that everyone from the bride’s side of the family receive the wedding invitation on time so that they can make arrangements to attend the wedding. and it is the duty of the mother of the bride to contact the guests who fail to RSVP and to handle all the arrangements pertaining to hotel and car reservations for the out of town guests during their stay for the wedding.

In addition to all this, the mother of the bride accompanies the bride shopping for the wedding dress and its fittings. All other arrangements like helping choosing the best DJ for the wedding is arranged by the mother. She chooses prospective DJs and then checks their references before meeting the bride and groom to choose the right music for the wedding and reception. Similarly the mother of the bride chooses possible venues for the wedding and then report to the bride and groom for their views.

The greatest help the mother of the bride can be to the bride is helping both the bride and groom to set up the right budget for the wedding and help them stick to it. She visits numerous caterers to find out the dishes they prepare and the rates charged. The same thing is done to wedding cake designers to find out the best designer for the wedding. Once the menu and cake are chosen, the mother of the bride orders them and ensures that they are prepared as requested.

In addition to the wedding preparations, the mother of the bride helps the bride plan the wedding shower for the wedding. Though the shower is usually organized in the bride’s friend’s place, the mother of the bride helps as requested. So it can be seen that the wedding is practically impossible without the help and love of the mother of the bride.