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The wedding cake recipe that you might be looking for can be easily created at home. Though the idea of making a tiered cake may sound scary, but it is only based on some architectural support. You do not need to pay a large amount of money at the bakery when you can create one on your own. A good wedding cake is based on a good foundation. Let us see how you can go about it.

Wedding Cake, Diy Wedding Cakes Recipes Cool White Wedding Cake Design.Diy Wedding Cakes Recipes Cool White Wedding Cake Design.

Wedding Cake, Small Wedding Cake Recipe Red Velvet Cake With Roses.Small Wedding Cake Recipe Red Velvet Cake With Roses.

Some popular cake designs are – the hearts and flowers cake and the silver anniversary cake. You will have to take care of the foundation, support and the structure. Use a sturdy cake board; like a piece of thick plywood as the foundation. Place the two largest layers in the center of the covered cake board. Fill and frost the layers on both the sides and the top. This is the foundation layer of the wedding cake design. For support, use two circles of cardboard and fit them under the cake layers. Tape the pieces together for extra thickness.

Wrap foil paper around the edges. Make sure that the foil has been cut in a larger size than the cardboard sheets. Tape the foil to keep it in place. To correctly place the next layer, hold the foil covered board above the frosted layer. Use a ruler for support and guide the cardboard to the center. Use dowel supports for the tiers. The wedding cake is now almost done.

Wedding Cake, Gluten Free Wedding Cake Recipe.Gluten Free Wedding Cake Recipe.

Wedding Cake, Pumpkin Wedding Cake Recipe.Pumpkin Wedding Cake Recipe.

You have to decide upon the wedding cake recipe that you would like. You can go with the traditional vanilla cake with floral patterns or even try some new chic and classy cakes.

Contact a good baker if you are not sure about the baking procedure. It may seem easy, but it is a difficult procedure. Be ready to shell out a lot of money if you are ordering for a cake from a baker. Consider giving your own wedding cake recipe to the baker. You can add some creative touches to your cake if you bake it on your own. Use pre-made decorations from a craft store or fresh flowers to decorate the cake. The bakery would do the needful if you place an order with them. You can give them your opinion on how you would like the cake to be decorated.

You can also consider the basket weave pattern and add fresh berries on the top. This would turn your normal looking wedding cake into a fruit basket. You can spread caramel topping or use buttercream frosting on the sides. Also, add a layer of apricot preserves for a special look. The wedding cake has to look elegant and exclusive. A lousy cake can spoil the glorious event.

Also, consider the theme of the party before finalizing the wedding cake. If the theme is a beach wedding, then look for suitable options for the beach wedding cake. Remember that your cake has to be noticeable in order to get special attention from the guests. A bit of innovation could go a long way in making the wedding cake recipe a memorable one.

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