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The wedding day is simply the most important day of one’s life, and hence it is important that one has a stress free wedding. As important as it is to find that special someone, equally important is the wedding which binds the couple together for life, an opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime. It is generally thought that the wedding itself is a cakewalk as the tough bit of finding the right person is over. However, sometimes it is seen, that before the final day of deliverance, all the planning that is required as well as the subtle politics that occur makes one exceedingly anxious and increases stress.

A couple of Martinis are sure to calm your nerves, but there are other safer methods to ensure that your wedding goes off smoothly without the added stress. The most important tip is planning everything out in an organized way. Not being lazy is also a good idea since, for most of the primary wedding months, the popular professional photographers, reception services and entertainment sources are usually reserved a couple of years in advance. The wedding vows are a very significant part of the wedding and it is crucial that both parties devote adequate time to them. Personalized vows, especially when written together, is a very special activity, and forms an integral part of the marriage and the wedding ceremonies.

Most couples choose to have their initials carved inside their wedding rings, while others choose signs, dedications or proclamations of their attachment to each other. Nothing short of a symbol of the marriage, carvings help in making the rings more meaningful. Among other accessories, is the ever-important wedding dress, the selection of which is one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life.

The flowers are also exceedingly vital and depending on the season the best and cheapest can be ordered. There should be flowers in all the required places and they have to be chosen in a way that they go well with the surroundings, the wedding theme and the wedding party. The wedding invitations are also as special as they are important; as it is through them that all the near and dear ones of the couple attend the wedding. They are extremely personal and reflect the thoughts and feelings of the couple for each other and also for their guests. Probably, the most important aspect of the wedding is fixing of the date, which is taken care of first, as one has to adjust with others and see to it that the venue, friends and family are available before finalizing it.