Some Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Music, Some tips to help you choose your wedding ceremony musicSome tips to help you choose your wedding ceremony music - Wedding Ceremony Music

Can’t decide on the type of wedding ceremony music to have at your wedding? It happens to most of us. Our parents would have most definitely sided with the more traditional music. But we live in a modern age and most modern day weddings aren’t what they used to be. The wedding music that you choose will depend on whether you wish to keep it traditional or you want to bring in something different. Always remember, it is your wedding so the two of you should decide together what you want.

A wedding ceremony has many events for which you would need to choose appropriate music. These include the arrival and seating of the guests, the processional, the bride’s entrance and the recessional. There are some traditional musical pieces which are usually played at these junctures.

Some Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony Playlist

If you are having a church wedding, it is usually best to stick to a traditional wedding music playlist. Some of the favorites for the prelude, that is when the guests are arriving, are:

  • Serenade by Schubert
  • Air on a G String by Bach
  • Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart

The Processional is when the wedding party enters just before the bride’s entrance. This includes the flower girls, bridesmaids and maid of honor. Some of the songs that can be played at this time are:-

  • Wedding March by Mozart
  • Canon in D by Pachelbel
  • Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke

The bride’s entrance is an important part of the wedding ceremony music. The most popular song that is played at this time is “Here Comes The Bride” by Wagner. I’m sure that most brides would love to stick with this tradition at the very least.

The music that you choose for the actual marriage ceremony is also important. There are many soft and slow songs that can be played at this time. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Ode To Joy
  • Coming Home
  • This Ring

The Recessional is when the couple leaves the church as husband and wife. The wedding ceremony music played at this time is usually a little peppier than the other sections of the wedding. You could choose some songs like Bridal Chorus, Chapel of Love or The Four Seasons. The Postlude is when the guests are leaving the church. You could have the same music as the one played for the prelude.

It may take some time for you to decide what you want as your wedding ceremony music. It is important to go through all your options before deciding on the music. You must remember that there is also your wedding reception music to plan. It would probably be a good idea to keep the wedding ceremony music traditional and choose the most popular songs for the reception.