Quinceanera Party Favors Special Gifts For A Special Occasion

Wedding Favor, Quinceanera party favors ideasQuinceanera party favors ideas - Quinceanera Party Favors

The Quinceanera party is more or less like a wedding celebration. This is celebrated in the Hispanic communities when a girl attains 15 years of age. Most parents start saving for this day right from the day the girl is born because it is an exceptional celebration and a very important milestone in the life of the girl as well as her parents. Everything is important here – the dress, the food, the music, the Quinceanera party favors – no details is too small as everyone wants their party to be perfect.

Wedding Favor, Quinceanera Party Favors Souvenirs.Quinceanera Party Favors Souvenirs.

Wedding Favor, Quinceanera Party Favors Diy.Quinceanera Party Favors Diy.

The Quinceanera Party

The girl who is celebrating her 15th birthday is treated this day as real princess. Her father would gift her first pair of high heels and her mother would present her with a tiara specially made for this occasion. There is a ball dance where the girl would dance for the first time with a boy – this is a subtle indication to the community that the girl is now grown-up. The dance is usually held with a group of 14 people, the 15th one being the birthday girl.

There would be a very beautiful Quinceanera party ball gown specially bought for this occasion. Everything around her should make this girl feel special, loved, cherished and beautiful. This is her big day – very much like the bat mitzvah for Jewish boys.

Wedding Favor, Quinceanera Masquerade Party Favors.Quinceanera Masquerade Party Favors.

Most of the parties would follow a theme and based on that theme the guests and the birthday girl would be dressed. The Quinceanera party favors would also be influenced by the theme. Some popular choices for Quinceanera favors are:

  1. Porcelain princess dolls – since this is a milestone in he girl’s life symbolizing that she has come of age, many choose to gift tiny princess like statuettes that would remind the guests of this day.
  2. Fresh baked cookies – a hamper of freshly baked cookies is another popular choice of Quinceanera party favors because a good majority of the guests would be in the same age group with the girl which would make such a gift a hot favorite.
  3. Silver coins – some like to offer silver coins as Quinceanera party favors that are made to order commemorating the date of the party and the name of the birthday girl. What better way to make the girl feel like a princess? These are in the shape of a pendant or simply as coins placed in a ornamental bag.