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Most people quickly picture a white gown when they hear the phrase “wedding dress”. But white was the not most common color until Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840. Prior to that, brides wore gowns of various colors.

Wedding Dresses, Purple And Blue Wedding Dresses.Purple And Blue Wedding Dresses.

Wedding Dresses, Light Purple Wedding Dresses.Light Purple Wedding Dresses.

In many countries, colorful bridal attire is the norm. For example, in China many brides wear red.

While white is still the most common choice for wedding gowns in the United States, some brides are stepping outside of tradition and choosing a purple wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses, White And Light Purple Wedding Dress.White And Light Purple Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dresses, Purple Mermaid Wedding Dresses.Purple Mermaid Wedding Dresses.

A few designers have taken typical bridal styles, such as the ball gown, and swapped the white fabric for purple. The result is a royal looking gown that is sure to turn heads.

If you have always known that a traditional white gown wasn’t for you, then you’re a perfect candidate for a gorgeous purple wedding dress. While you probably won’t find much of a selection in typical bridal salons, there are ways to get the purple wedding dress of your dreams.

As mentioned earlier, some designers have started including purple options in their collections. These would likely be available only through special order and tend to be quite expensive.

If you have your heart set on a purple wedding dress but have a limited budget, another option is to talk to a local seamstress. You will be able to talk to her about the style of dress you want, such as a mermaid, ball gown of A-line, and then choose your fabric. Depending on the style of the dress and the chosen fabric, a local seamstress will likely be able to create a dress for you at a fraction of the cost of ordering one from a designer.

Some brides would like to include some color in their wedding gown, but a purple wedding dress is a bit much for them. These brides should consider a more typical white wedding dress with a splash of color. The color can be brought in with a sash or she can select one of the many dresses available that are mostly white, but have incorporated purple as a secondary color.

Purple wedding dresses can be any shade of purple from the lightest lavender to the deepest royal shades. The only limit is the daring and imagination of the bride.

If you do choose a purple wedding dress, you should consider a white bouquet. If you carry a bouquet of purple flowers, they will not stand out very well against a purple dress.

One bride wore a purple wedding dress and her bridesmaids all wore white. She carried white flowers and her bridesmaids carried purple bouquets. It was a beautiful and unique choice, and she received many compliments from her guests.

Your wedding is just that – YOUR wedding. Do not let tradition dictate the color of your dress. If you want to wear a bold color, or just wear accents of a bold color on your white dress, you should do it. It’s your special day.

Perhaps the choice of a purple wedding dress isn’t for everyone, but for Brides who want a gown that is truly unique and memorable, it’s an option that her guests are not likely to forget.

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Wedding Dresses, Light Purple Lace Wedding Dress.

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