Interesting Facts About the Princess Diana Wedding Dress

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All women of a certain age remember watching the ceremony on television the day that Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. It was a fairy tale wedding and the dress was, of course, at the center of it.

Here are some interesting facts about one of the most looked upon wedding dresses of all times.

Charles’ Mistress May Have Helped Select the Dress

While many people thought the dress was beautiful, others did not. Maybe, they speculated, the dress was not so beautiful because the young bride was taking advice from none other than Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles lover.

Even Copies Are Sought After

While no one will be able to get their hands on the original Princess Diana wedding dress, those with enough money can get a close facsimile. One such copy of the dress was sold in 2005 for around $100,000.

Taffeta, Lace and Much More

The Princess Diana wedding dress had some of the same material found in a lot of wedding gowns. There was lace, silk, sequins and taffeta but, remember, this gown was created for a future queen. The dress also included 10,000 pearls sewn right onto the dress.

Not to leave out the all important “something blue”, a blue bow was sewn discreetly into the waistband of the dress.

Diana Was Married in a Wrinkled Gown

The designers of the dress forgot to consider one important thing. They did not make allowances for the fact that the carriage that would carry Diana to the church would prove a tight fit for Diana and her huge gown. The result was a wedding gown that was full of wrinkles and creases by the time she arrived at the cathedral.

That’s Not Just Any Lace

While many bridal gowns include lace, the Princess Diana wedding dress featured some very special lace. It was the item that served as “something old” for her wedding. The lace had belonged to Queen Mary, who was crowned in 1911.

Tight Security for a Dress

From the time that David and Elizabeth Emanuel were chosen to design the Princess Diana wedding dress, secrecy was king. Blinds covered the windows so that passerby could not sneak a peek. Security guards were hired to guard the shop round the clock. This was to protect both from those who may want to break in and steal the designs as well as from overzealous reporters.

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Plenty of Dress Rehearsals

The Princess Diana wedding dress included a 25 foot train. Diana endured over five months of fittings, including plenty of time to learn to walk with such a heavy train behind her.

While the story of Prince Charles and Lady Diana did not have a fairy tale ending, it is sure that their wedding – often called the wedding of the century – will not soon be forgotten.

The Princess Diana wedding dress is among the most recognizable gowns of all time. Even though the marriage didn’t end as she likely hoped, the dress was a symbol of her dreams, and many were dreaming right along with her.