Opting for a Preowned Wedding Dress

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Brides who have started planning their wedding quickly learn that the gown can turn into a huge expense. This does not have to be the case, however, and choosing a preowned wedding dress is one way to save money.

When you consider that most brides only wear their gowns one night for a few hours, some women simply have trouble justifying spending thousands of dollars for it. Still, they want to wear a dress that is in line with their dream dress.

Preowned wedding dresses are a great way to accomplish this. There are many places that a bride can find used wedding gowns.

Thrift Stores

If you visit your local thrift store, you will probably see a few preowned wedding dresses. Often, these dresses are a bit outdated, making this a good option for a bride looking for a vintage gown. The price will be remarkably low, usually well under $500. With a price that low, thrift store gowns make a good option even if they will require extensive tailoring.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops typically will have more modern gowns for sale. The dresses are usually examined and then only placed for sale once they have been inspected and cleaned.

While the offerings will probably be more upscale than what you would find at a thrift store, the prices will also be higher.

The prices will vary, of course, depending on the shop, but in general you can expect to pay about 50% of the retail price for a gown in like new condition.

Online Auctions Sites

Sites such as eBay always have dozens of wedding gowns for sale. The plus side is that you can search the site by size, designer and other criteria. Also, the gowns usually sell for a very low price.

While most listings offer several photos of the dress, you will still be buying your wedding gown sight unseen. Most of the time, you will not have the option to return a gown that you do not like, so only buy if you are willing to take that risk.

Classified Ads

Local Classified ads are another way to find a very cheap preowned wedding dress. On the plus side, you will be able to see and try on the gown before making a decision. You will, however, have to spend time driving to various locations in order to see each wedding gown until you find one that you like.

That can be quite time consuming, but it will be worth it if you find your dream dress for a song.

Some Retailers

A few bridal retailers may even have a preowned wedding dress or two for sale. Some are considered preowned when they were tailored for a bride who then did not pick up the gown. While the discounts will not be as significant as with some of the other places to find a preowned wedding dress, you will be getting what is essentially a new dress for 25%-40% off.

For thrifty brides, taking the time to locate a preowned wedding dress is worth it when they can walk down the aisle in the dress of their dreams for a fraction of the price.