Planning Your Wedding The Easy Way

Wedding, Planning Your Wedding The Easy WayPlanning Your Wedding The Easy Way - Planning Your Wedding

The biggest day of your life comes closer, your wedding. Let’s ask the first and very important question: Does everybody need a wedding planner? Usually non married people can’t imagine how much work and cost is included to set up a beautiful wedding ceremony. Here are the major topics to think about. It starts with figuring out what invitations to send. One can spend hours at the post office looking for the right stamps and if they match the invitation because you can’t just stick an American flag on to this wonderful frou-frou invitation.

Then the next question what everybody’s going to wear, what the ushers are going to wear and there is the air conditioning, the lighting and the wine list, the transportation, which is a very hard part but also really important.

Hiring a wedding planner

So if somebody wants to hire a wedding planner you can look at about $5000 for a week of planning up to $100,000 or more, depending on what’s included. We at Top Wedding Decorations usually encourage people to hire a wedding planner if the budget allows it. A professional brings an incredible amount of knowledge to the table and takes over all the workload.

Does every wedding need a theme?

It usually is a good idea to have a hint, even if the theme is just a colour, lets say pink and cream for example. Usually pink and green are a very good choice. Another wedding theme could be romance.

The number of guests can make or break a wedding.

The biggest issue when planning a wedding is how do you cover and how do you realize this lavish wedding you dreamt about for your whole life? Here are the major ways to cut corners:

1. Cut the guest list. This is the most important tip. If you invite 300 people then you have to feed 300 people, you need seating, the tables and put centerpieces on the tables.This can break the bank quite easily. So if you are on a budget, the first thing is cut the guest list in half.

2. Don’t marry at a Saturday night. If you live in a bigger city Saturday weddings are usually not a good idea, since there is only a certain number of venues and you usually have to pay premium prices for weddings on a Saturday night.

If you hire a wedding planner, the best thing to do is not to be fixated on a special day or a special venue. Think about it. If the wedding planner has to jump through hoops to realize your dream wedding, it soon could become costly to make it happen.

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So start planning as soon and possible and stay flexible and the marriage you have always dreamt about will come true.