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A wedding is the union of two bodies, two minds, and two people. It is considered to be the most important event that could take place in a person’s life. This is why nowadays; many couples crave for something special to make the wedding unique. Exclusive weddings through theme weddings, destination weddings and any other unique idea are in vogue nowadays.

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You may have noticed that June is the most popular month for weddings. Of course, you may assume that this is because of the perfect weather June offers; a balance of heat, rain and cold. However, this is not the only reason; there is another reason for this reason. It was in the 15th and 16th century that people generally bathed once a year, during the last days of the month of May. As this was when people were fresh and clean, brides and grooms preferred to marry at this time of the year, after the yearly ritual of bathing.

Instead of having traditional weddings, it is now possible to add some spice to the wedding by doing something different and by adopting themes for the wedding. You can choose from a theme, historic, ethnic or holiday form of setting for the wedding. According to the theme of the wedding, the customs of the wedding too may vary. The more popular themes are the historical themes where interesting costumes are worn by guests and the minister. Decorations and customs of a history themed wedding can be chosen so that it reflects the time period. Ethnic weddings are another trend that can be adopted; in fact, if the bride and groom are from different backgrounds, then some elements of both cultures can be incorporated in the wedding.

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You could also consider the Scottish wedding with bagpipes and kilt, and many of the customs that dates back to the Old County could be adapted for the wedding. One of the customs of the Scotts was of sashing the bride after exchanging of vows. So you could get the groom to present his bride with a sash to welcome her to the clan! This sash is usually made of his clan’s tartan. However, the simple weddings don’t call for any fuss. They can be held in parks, living rooms, backyards, campgrounds, and even bed and breakfast. Those marrying for the second or third time, and the older brides and grooms generally hold simple ceremonies as they don’t want the stress of organizing a huge party.

The veil of the wedding dress is not only worn to make it match the bridal dress, it has its own symbolic value too. It was since the 19th century that the veil held a sign of the modesty and purity of the bride. Prior to that, it was thought that veils were used to shield the bride from any outer evil spirits that were considered to haunt women on their wedding day. With this veil, it was thought that the woman would be disguised, and thus confuse these spirits.

The wedding that takes place between two people of different faiths is considered to be an interfaith ceremony. However, most such couples prefer going with a secular wedding ceremony so that their families won’t be offended. There are others who prefer a custom ceremony where elements of both faiths are incorporated in the wedding ceremony.

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