Personality Favors – Give A Little Bit Of You To Your Wedding Guests

Wedding Favor, Personality favors wonderful basic personality favorsPersonality favors wonderful basic personality favors - Personality Favors

Let your personality favors say a little more about you and your partner. Favors that say a little bit about you are great wedding favors. They have that personal touch and add that special meaning to wedding favors. Since you want to show your appreciation to your wedding guests, why not do it the right way? Choose from a variety of personality wedding favors and make your wedding memorable for everyone.

Wedding Favor, Personality Favors Wedding Date Imprinted On The Wine Bottles.Personality Favors Wedding Date Imprinted On The Wine Bottles.

Wedding Favor, Personality Favors Sugar Coated Almonds Wedding Favors.Personality Favors Sugar Coated Almonds Wedding Favors.

Bring out your personality in your wedding favor by having a special message, quote or poetry printed or engraved on it. You can have your messages engraved or printed on bookmarkers, photo frames, cups, bracelets, and much more such other items. Select a message that shows a glimpse of what you are and how much you appreciate everyone’s presence.

Reflecting Your Cultural Heritage

Want another idea for those great personality favors? You can let your wedding favors reflect your cultural heritage. For example, if you have an Indian wedding, you might gift a sachet of cardamom pods as wedding favors. Hindus use cardamom to prepare tea so it is a practical idea that also has a cultural significance. In many Greek weddings, couples gift an odd number of sugarcoated almonds, called Koufetta. Wedding favors that reflect your cultural heritage add a great significance to the thought behind the gift.

Wedding Favor, Personality Favors Golf Balls And Tees.Personality Favors Golf Balls And Tees.

Wedding Favor, Personality Favors Diy Winter Wedding Party Favors.Personality Favors Diy Winter Wedding Party Favors.

Sporty Ideas

If you are a sporty person, there are many unique personality favors to choose from. You can have your names and wedding date imprinted on golf balls and tees. Place them in a miniature bucket, nicely wrapped with a ribbon. Attach a card with a very special message from both of you.

Ideas For Artistic Couples

The artistic couple can use a piece of their work as personality favors. Copy a piece of your artwork or photograph and print a special message on the bottom. Place a nice ribbon around it and place it on the tables. If you have a crafting skill, you can use it to make your wedding favors. Candles, boxes, pottery, and baskets are some of the things that you can think about making.

Even wine wedding favors and chocolate wedding favors can be personalized. Have your names and wedding date imprinted on the wine bottles. The guests will take home a gift that will commemorate your wedding. It would also be wise if your bridal shower favors are coordinated with your wedding favors. If you are gifting wine as your wedding favors, you could give mini champagne flutes filled with candy at your bridal shower. This will give a nice feeling to the whole wedding.

Your wedding is your special day. On this special day, it always helps to show your appreciation to those who have blessed the day with their presence. Well thought out gifts make the guests feel special and honored. With so many wonderful personality favors to choose from, you can truly make the day memorable for everyone at the event.