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One of the most important purchases that a bride will make is her wedding gown. There are so many designers to choose from and, for the last 20 years, one of the most popular has been the Mon Cheri wedding dress.

Mon Cheri began selling only wedding gowns, but today they also design bridesmaid’s gowns and other special occasion dresses.

For a bride that chooses a Mon Cheri wedding dress, there is a myriad of choices available. Mon Cheri’s collection is expansive, and new styles are introduced each season.

The collection of Mon Cheri wedding dresses and other dresses can be viewed online at While brides can look at the entire collection by visiting the website, dresses cannot be ordered directly from Mon Cheri.

Rather than selling directly to consumers, Mon Cheri only sells their gowns through authorized retailers. There are hundreds of authorized retailers in the United States and Canada.

A Mon Cheri wedding dress tends to be more traditional than edgy, but with so many choices, most brides will be able to find a gown they like. Mon Cheri prides itself on extraordinary workmanship, and is fairly demanding of the retailers allowed to carry its gowns.

Mon Cheri promises that every bride who purchases a gown through an authorized retailer will be happy with her purchase. The gown, of course, is guaranteed to be free of any defects and imperfections. Alterations are promised to be performed to the bride’s satisfaction as well.

Some brides find a Mon Cheri wedding dress online, but the company warns against purchasing such a gown.

The reason is that Mon Cheri does not sell its gowns through any internet retailer. That means that brides that purchase a Mon Cheri gown online are either buying it from a private party or they are buying an imitation.

Some wedding gown purveyors have copied the designs of some popular Mon Cheri wedding gowns. Such gowns may not be of the same high quality, and will certainly not be covered by any of the Mon Cheri guarantees.
Because the company does not sell gowns online, the best thing for a bride to do is to visit an authorized retailer.

This will ensure that the bride is getting an authentic Mon Cheri wedding dress and will protect her in the event that the gown is not the right size, color or has some type of defect.

Visiting the Mon Cheri website listed above is a great starting place for brides who have just begun the process of finding the perfect wedding dress. Because the collection is so large, a bride can get a good idea of the various styles of wedding dresses that are available.

While looking at dresses online is a good way to start the search, it’s difficult to tell which style of dress will look best on a particular body type without trying them on. Still, by narrowing down what you like best before visiting the bridal salon, you can help give the salesperson an idea of which gowns to try on you.

Mon Cheri bridal gowns offer a wide array of choices with styles to suit the taste of many brides.