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Well, that quote certainly tickles one’s funny bone; no doubt it tells how important a Marriage is for one’s life. We all wish for a perfect wedding day, don’t we? The fascination starts building from the day one watches a beautiful couple getting married, remember Sweet Home Alabama?

Wedding, Western Theme Wedding Ideas.Western Theme Wedding Ideas.

Wedding, Intimate Wedding Themes Ideas.Intimate Wedding Themes Ideas.

Like we all have different tastes we wish to celebrate the day in our own way.

Thinking about a wedding idea can be quite confusing. All sorts of ideas flood one’s brain. This article will help you decide how & where you want to get it done Your way!

Wedding, Enchanted Garden Wedding Theme Ideas.Enchanted Garden Wedding Theme Ideas.

Wedding, Country Wedding Themes Ideas Decorations Table Centerpieces.Country Wedding Themes Ideas Decorations Table Centerpieces.

Pick your type: Outdoor, Garden, Western Theme, Country, Catholic, Intimate or…the ideas never end.

At the outdoors:

Flash your love for your partner in the outdoors. Choose an exotic location like an old castle or a beach. Work on the decorations; pick up wild lilies, bamboos and a rock n roll band. It all fills up the atmosphere with a sense of fun and laughter. If you have a thing for water don’t hesitate to catch a cruise and make it a cruise of a lifetime! Make sure the place you choose is picturesque.Don’t forget to consider the Weather & the permits.


If you are thinking of winter wedding ideas a garden wedding is one that’s very sober but beautiful in its own way. Lots of flowers that bloom in this season can be used for decoration; Use of flirty pink, romantic combinations involving mint and lilac or plum and baby blue to name a few. This idea definitely brings you and your guests closer to nature. The breezy environment and your lover’s company- a perfect spellbinding combination.

Western theme Wedding:

Western wedding ideas give you so many options to make your occasion really special. Choose from masks, vintage, fairytale/fantasy or a beach. No doubt the more you explore the better it gets, try out the idea you’ve always dreamt of. It’s your day remember! The couple can come up with a mutual theme which definitely adds to the bonding.


They are all about tradition and carry a special meaning to the natives. Styles may vary from a Westside farm to a local restaurant. Get the local band to play at the occasion. Make your guests feel comfortable at the same time.


For the cost conscious lovey dovey couples who don’t want a big fat wedding but a very small gathering with just the special ones, this wedding style is perfect. An apt location for this could be the local museum, club or the park. Grace your occasion with a pianist-soulful and evergreen.


The conventional ones like those patronized in the movies. All dressed in white the beautiful bride with her flowing gown. It’s very simple and keeps you attached to the customs of Catholic Christians. Commence your new life with the blessings of God in the presence of the near and dear ones.


Whoa! Remember the graduation days. Getting married at your own college is such an exciting feeling, bringing the old memories of the couple & if it’s at the school it’s more nostalgic remembering the innocent love the couple shared. With the company of your childhood or college friends it’s much vibrant and emotional. A memory everyone would cherish.

Do not forget ‘em too

  • Invitations: That’s where the couple works together, do not miss any friends or loved ones. Spend time choosing the design & the layout.
  • Apparel: The occasion is not perfect unless you have found your perfect dress. Take a look around, think what you want. For men get the right Tux with a matching vest & not to forget the gown for the bride too & just the right hair-do for both.
  • Ceremony rings: Go out with your fiance; tell them how much you love them by getting their name inscribed on the ring or pull out a custom design together.
  • Vows: You definitely don’t want to forget writing your wedding vow. Keep it simple and full of your love. Express everything just the right way.
  • The Cake: A big cake to feast your guests and celebrate the occasion.
    Getting married is a big step for anybody’s life & it’s sometimes rightly believed that there is no perfect way to do it but to do it the way which you want to. So go ahead and play with the ideas mix them together for the better and create a memory of a lifetime

Catholic Wedding Themes Ideas

Wedding, Catholic Wedding Themes Ideas.