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It should come as no surprise that male engagement rings and men’s wedding bands are often the subject of how to find one cheap, or at least inexpensive. Women seem to want a more expensive and fine ring, and their men generally also want them to have a nice wedding band.

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Maybe it is just one of those facts of nature that the fairest of God’s creation should have a beautiful adornment, while the not-as-fair creation wants one that is practical and durable.

Think about it, if a man had a delicate diamond ring, set on a soft gold band, it would surely get in the way and become damaged while working. Personally, I used to remove my ring before work and put it back on after work.

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Do women propose to men?

Male engagement rings are actually rather rare because it is usually the women who wear an engagement ring. Historically, women in Northern Europe could propose to a man only on days such as Leap Year, February 29th. This varied from country to country, but the general idea is that women just don’t propose to men, thus the lack of engagement rings for men.

These days, it is a bit more common, and often women wait until Valentine’s Day to propose and present an engagement ring to their man. Still, the practice is rather remote.

Who should buy the rings?

If the women do propose to the man, she is the one who buys the ring. If he does the proposing, he buys the ring. For couples who discuss such things, they can shop together and buy together. This has the disadvantage or removing the surprise and mystery, however.

What kind of rings to buy?

Most men prefer wider bands over narrow bands, mostly due to practicality. A narrow engagement ring is just not as durable as a wider band. Also, softer materials, such as gold, tend to scratch easily and should be avoided.

Tougher materials, such as carbide, stainless steel, carbon fiber, titanium, platinum, and palladium have all become quite popular in recent years.

Matching sets are also very nice for the couple. The rings do not have to be identical but can share a common theme or design, making the set a lovely expression of love. Often, the male keeps the engage’ ring as a wedding band, thus saving a great deal of money and fuss as well.

How to wear a male engagement ring

This should be worn on the left hand, ring finger. Once the marriage has taken place, it is either replaced with a wedding band or simply kept on as a wedding ring.


Most people would not choose to have ring financing. This is not really a good way to get started in your new life and should be avoided, if possible. On the other hand, there are some extenuating circumstances that would warrant engagement ring financing.

A band could cost from $200 up to many thousands of dollars, it all depends on your taste and budget. Remember that it is better to have an affordable ring than to live beyond your means.