Last Minute Wedding Planning

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You think that you have planned everything. Your wedding planner has checkmarks on virtually every page. But there are a few last minute things you should consider before saying I do Have you provided all of your guests with wedding favors and your wedding party with party favors or keepsakes? Has every member of the bridal party been fitted for their dress within the last few months? Did you make phone calls to confirm that your vendors and musician will show up at the specified time and specified date of your wedding? While it’s not a necessity to do so, it is better safe than sorry.

Always plan to have your hair and nails schedule months in advance. You won’t have to deal with the stress of finding a reputable beautician to accent your beauty at the last minute. Never get a faux tan or dye your hair the morning of your wedding. This should be done at least 7-10 days in advance so you look more natural. We have heard horror stories of bad dye jobs and orange tans! Let us tell you, it didn’t sound pretty. Can you imagine? That poor bride!

Make sure that you received all of your RSVP cards. If you have a very close friend or close relative that has not returned it, call them to see if they are coming. Some people forget to send their RSVP card back to the wedding couple. Others misplace their RSVP card or assume that you know they are coming. Play it safe and confirm with these loved ones. This is especially important if your wedding is being catered and you charged on a per plate basis. It will save you a lot of headaches and assist you with your last minute wedding budgeting.

Last minute wedding planning is essentially a confirmation. You want to confirm that all of your wedding plans are going smoothly. You don’t want to be shocked, upset, angry, or confused on your wedding day. Be prepared for everything and anything, but cover all of the bases. Most importantly, don’t stress over unexpected wedding plans that are our of your control. Try accommodating and fixing any problem with a quick resolution. Be a realist: not everything is going to go the way you envision it. You may even have better wedding results than you envisioned!

Documenting any details on an active wedding checklist is very helpful to staying organized. If you’re aware of any wedding plans that have yet to be taken care of, get them done as soon as possible. Don’t leave them to the very last minute. You will regret it later. If all of your wedding plans seem like they are last minute plans, ask for support from your family and bridal party. Teamwork will help your wedding planning become an easier process. You will feel accomplished and less overwhelmed!