Ideas for the Perfect Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings are sparkling fairytales in a storybook setting. Crystal, diamonds, silver and gold – soft falling snowflakes and glorious whites – fill the dreams of winter brides planning their winter themed wedding. Winter weddings are often the most delicate and elegant of all weddings – yet despite commonality of winter wedding themes, every Bride can make her winter wedding fairytale uniquely her own.

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Every bride is living their own fairytale, and all fairytales are not alike when it comes to winter weddings. Fairytales can be fulfilled with a giant ice castle where the ice princess lives among ice covered trees and sharp jagged mountains of ice that stand still in time. Or themes for winter fairytales can be filled with snow topped evergreens parting their path for the old fashioned horse-drawn sleigh to carry the bundled up laughing young lovers that are snuggled together for warmth. Ideas for winter weddings can be created from memories of ice-skating on a pond, or walking through a winter forest. They can be created by the inspiration of a snowflake or the warmth of a blanket of snow. A favorite ski lodge, the fun of building snow forts and snowmen, or the beauty of the sun dazzling over a freshly frozen lake can all provide the inspiration for a fairytale winter wedding.

Your wedding can be sleek and formal, smooth and elegant, or warm and cozy. If you don’t already envision the perfect wedding, but know you want a winter wedding theme, give some thought to what you enjoy about winter, your favorite winter memories, or what style of wedding you are planning on designing. Think of it as your winter fairytale.

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If it’s ice you enjoy, choose a venue that is rich with glass or mirrored decor, or perhaps exists in a mirrored or glass building. Make sure you fill your wedding with ice sculptures. Perhaps put a large ice sculpture of an ice castle as the center of attention, and smaller ice sculptures, or a backdrop of blocks or mountains of ice, on the buffet or dessert tables. Or find a roomy corner, and make it a focal point. Set a display of an old fashioned sleigh near an ice pond – surrounded by white to give the impression of snow. Let this be where guests can drop off their gifts, better yet, display the dessert bar in or around the sleigh.

Have a tabletop martini bar made from ice and provide cocktail napkins with a silver snowflake in the corner. Decorate your wedding room with bare trees and twinkling lights, and use tall silver glittery sticks set in clear glass vases centered on mirrors, and surrounded by wedding votive candles, as centerpieces or accents on buffet tables. Cover your tables with long silky silver tablecloths that glitter, and see if you can arrange for snow white and glass plates for alternating courses. Adorn each table with beautiful candle wedding favors. Have dessert served in a champagne glass or martini glass filled with ice and topped with sugared fresh fruit, or on a glass plate dusted with powdered sugar. Make sure your bridesmaids have glitter accents on their dresses and in their hair – and the Bride and her Winter Wedding will sparkle like a winter fairytale.