How to Do Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers, Light blue and red wedding flowersLight blue and red wedding flowers - Wedding flowers

There are lots of large expenses when it comes to planning a wedding, but one large expense that you can actually reduce quite a bit is flowers. You can actually do your own wedding flowers, but if you do this, it is almost always better to use silk or synthetic flowers than real ones, because flower storage could be a problem for you – and you may not have time to deal with fresh flowers. This information will help you to learn how to do wedding flowers inexpensively.

Wedding Flowers, Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Flowers.Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Flowers.

Wedding Flowers, Purple And Red Fall Wedding Flowers.Purple And Red Fall Wedding Flowers.

Start by getting magazines that feature flower arrangements. Bridal magazines and gardening magazines are highly recommended. Also make it a point to carry a digital camera with you, and snap photos of flower arrangements that you like – even if you aren’t exactly sure if they go well with your wedding arrangements at this point. You may be pleasantly surprised later.

The color scheme for your wedding will play a huge role in the flowers that you select, and in how those flowers are arranged together.

Wedding Flowers, Fall Wedding Flowers For Bridesmaids.Fall Wedding Flowers For Bridesmaids.

Wedding Flowers, Dark Purple And Green Wedding Flowers.Dark Purple And Green Wedding Flowers.

Think carefully about the flowers that you need. Obviously you need a bridal bouquet, boutonnières, flowers for the flower girl and bridesmaids, centerpieces, flowers for the altar, flowers for the seating on the aisle, and other general flower decorations. One way that many people save money on flowers is with wide ribbon, tied into bows. This is ideal for decorating the seating on the aisle, and for other areas of the church or hall. Make a list of what you need in terms of flower decorations, and for general flower decorations, also consider the containers that you may need for them as well.

Consider taking a flower arranging course well in advance of your wedding. You can take a class through a craft store, a private lesson from someone who knows what they are doing or take advantage of online classes. These classes are usually very inexpensive, and in the case of online classes, you may even find many free resources.

If you are using silk or synthetic flowers, you can do your flower arrangements well in advance, so that you can take care of any issues or problems that arise. If you are using real flowers, however, this won’t be possible. You will need lots of cold storage for your fresh flowers, buckets of water, and lots of help, as the flower arrangements will need to be done either the night before the wedding or the day of the wedding.

Dark Purple And Red Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers, Dark Purple And Red Wedding Flowers.

Wedding Flowers, Light Blue And Purple Wedding Flowers.

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Wedding Flowers, Navy Blue And Orange Wedding Flowers.

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