How to Design Your Wedding Dress Online

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One of the first wedding planning items that most brides think about is their wedding dress. In fact, many brides have been dreaming about their dress for years before they ever met Mr. Right. This is the highlight of the wedding for many brides, and all want it to be a perfect reflection of them and their unique style.

There are sites that allow brides the chance to design a wedding dress online. Such sites allow users to choose sleeve styles, necklines, skirt types and many other wedding dress details. This helps to give brides a better idea of what they are looking for in a dress.

Many sites that let brides design a wedding dress online also have the option of printing the final creation. This illustration can be taken along when you visit bridal shops or seamstresses so that they will better know exactly what you are looking for in a wedding dress.

Many brides-to-be are not the least bit familiar with various necklines, and may not even know the difference between a ball gown and an A-line gown. By having the chance to design a wedding dress online, brides will be able to narrow down their search and save a lot of time once they start actually shopping.

Here are some pros and cons for brides who choose design a wedding dress online.


It’s a good starting point. For brides that do not have much of an idea about what type of dress they are looking for, sites that allow you to design a wedding dress online gives you the chance to play around with different styles of dresses.

It’s a good learning tool. There are so many fashion terms such as jewel neckline, cap sleeves, empire waist and modified A-line that many brides have never heard before. By spending time perusing sites that allow you to design a wedding dress online, brides can become familiar with what different fashion terms mean.

It’s a good way to narrow down some of your ideas. Some brides think they have the perfect wedding dress pictured in their mind. However, once they see it on their computer screen, they realize it may not be the best choice.


If you design your dress online and order it sight unseen, you may wind up being disappointed with the final product.

There are limitations to most of the sites that allow brides to design a wedding gown online. For example, you may not be able to choose a jacket or sash in a contrasting color or you may be limited on choices when it comes to headpieces.

Generally, choosing to design a wedding gown online should be just one tool that brides use when trying to find their perfect dress. Actually ordering a gown online can be risky and should only be done if you are absolutely certain about what you want AND if you will have plenty of time once the dress arrives to have any necessary alterations.