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As brides to begin to plan their wedding, there is one thing that is usually at the forefront of their minds: the wedding dresses. Free wedding dress catalogs can be of great assistance as you search for the dress of your dreams.

Free wedding dress catalogs give brides to be a chance to get a look at many styles of dresses without the pressure of visiting a bridal salon. While there are plenty of websites on which you can view a variety of dresses, having the print catalogs makes it easier to commiserate with your bridesmaids about gowns. The print catalogs also make it a lot easier should you want to bring a picture of a particular style of dress with you when you go dress shopping.

While free wedding dress catalogs are a great way to get a look at various styles of gowns, only a small percentage of brides actually purchase their gowns from the catalogs.

One reason is that they would need to buy the gown sight unseen. This is rather unsettling for most brides. Remember that the way the dress looks in the picture is not necessarily how it is going to look on you.

Different body types will look best is different styles. If you have never tried on wedding gowns before, it would be difficult for you to know which style of gown would best suit you.

Also, it rather difficult to get a good look at the details and the quality of workmanship when looking at a dress in a picture. Brides want to see, touch and try on their gown before making a commitment.

Of course, most free wedding dress catalogs will allow for returns. Just be sure to read the fine print, because some will only offer credit on another gown rather than giving you your money back.

Another problem a bride could face if ordering a dress through a free wedding dress catalog is the shipping time. Unless you have several months or more until your wedding, ordering a dress through the mail is not a good idea.

Remember, you need to leave enough time not just for the dress to arrive, but to return and find another dress should you not be happy with the one that you ordered.

Still, even if you are not going to order your dress from the catalog, they can still prove to be quite useful.

Free wedding dress catalogs allow you to peruse page after page of gowns, make notes about what you like and then bring some of the pictures of gowns that you like along to your first appointment at a bridal salon.

They are especially useful for a bride to be who is not even aware of the different styles, such as ball gown, mermaid and fit and flare, that are available. The catalogs are also a good way to become familiar with various necklines, sleeve types, lace and beading that will need to be selected.

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If you are planning a wedding, pick up as many free wedding dress catalogs as you can find. At the very least, they can help you narrow your search and help you focus in on the dresses that you like the best.