Flower Girl Dresses – Make Your Pretty Girl Look Special

Wedding Dresses, Red and white flower girl dresses for toddlersRed and white flower girl dresses for toddlers - Flower Girl Dresses

Having a flower girl as part of your wedding ceremony lends an innocent charm to the wedding atmosphere. A pretty girl in a pretty pink dress with satin ribbons is surely a beautiful sight, and also an exciting experience for the little girl who looks up to you and is thrilled to play a part on the most wonderful day of your life.

Wedding Dresses, Navy Blue And Yellow Flower Girl Dresses.Navy Blue And Yellow Flower Girl Dresses.

Wedding Dresses, Navy Blue And Orange Flower Girl Dresses.Navy Blue And Orange Flower Girl Dresses.

A flower girl walks down the aisle ahead of the bride or the maid of honor and scatters rose petals in their path. Since the flower girl’s walk down the aisle is often the signifying moment that begins the actual wedding ceremony, you would want your flower girl to be looking her best.

Flower Girl Dress Options

A flower girl can be dressed to look like a miniature bride- minus the veil of course. A miniature bride dress is a traditional style of dressing a flower girl. The dresses are white or ivory in color, similar to the bride’s, and they may be accessorized with a sash of color that coordinates with the bridesmaids.

Wedding Dresses, Navy Blue And Gold Flower Girl Dresses.Navy Blue And Gold Flower Girl Dresses.

You can also style the flower girl’s dress to match the bridesmaid dress too. The exact style of the dress that the adult bridesmaid wear may not suit the little girl; for example, strapless or low-cut gowns is not something that would look good on the flower girl, her dress, on the other hand, can be styled a little differently but include some elements like frills or embellishments of the bridesmaid dress.

Dress Accessories

Flower girls are a picture of charm and innocence, and they set the mood for the wedding ceremony as they walk down the aisle scattering rose petals and smiling beautifully. There are many ways to accessorize their dresses to make them look picture perfect.

Having your flower girl wear a colorful sash in colors that match either the bridesmaid dresses or the overall theme of the wedding, creates a well-blended look. The shoes your flower girl wears need to be as much comfortable as much as they look pretty. Slip on pumps or white sandals are great choices in that regard. Your flower girl can even support a delicate headdress made from fresh flowers.

Things to Consider When Buying Flower Girl Dresses

  • Floor length dresses look pretty, no doubt; but they can be tricky as well if the little girl is not used to them and ends up tripping.
  • The fabric of the dress should be carefully chosen. Considering the girl will be wearing the dress all day, it should not be itchy, and also not be too delicate.
  • A matching cardigan will save her from the chill towards the end of the day.

The flower girl could be nervous about walking down the aisle. Well, if that is something you, as a bride share in common with her, a little practice won’t hurt; it will also ensure you look your best too on your wedding day.