Fair Trade Wedding Bands For Women

Wedding Rings, Fair Trade Wedding Bands For WomenFair Trade Wedding Bands For Women - Fair Trade Wedding Bands

Now that you can buy high-quality conflict free Canadian diamonds for your wedding and engagement rings, consider that you may also be able to purchase fair trade rings as well. Both men and women are showing an increasing interest in this sustainable practice.

Some new companies are also providing services for eco-weddings or green weddings. For the truly environmentally conscious, this is a serious matter. It is one thing to exchange vows under the oak tree in the woods behind the house, with a few friends as witness. Yet it is quite another to host a large, extensive wedding with hundreds of guests and to do it in an environmentally friendly manner.

The term fair trade is hardly an exact term. The definition seems to vary greatly from place to place and the term takes on different meanings when used in different contexts. However, the spirit of fair trade is quite obvious: the producers should get a fair deal when trading their good or service with the buyer.

Various countries have enacted legislation to try and standardize some markets to ensure free trade, but the global community is far from embracing the concept.

The best way to find fair trade wedding bands is to rely on a reputable company or organization whose sole purpose is to protect and promote fair trade. Because jewelry is so labor intensive, the opportunities for human rights violations are quite extensive. These watchdog organizations do an excellent job at monitoring the trade and exposing those who violate the ethics.

In our pursuit of disposable, cheap products there is a great deal of pressure from suppliers to find the absolute cheapest source possible. This is why China has risen to the prominence it has in manufacturing: cheap labor.

Now that the work force in China is tasting a sense of prosperity, they are demanding higher wages and better working conditions. Now even China is turning to lower-cost countries, such as Thailand and Viet-Nam to outsource to. Where will the next place be?

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To buy a nice diamond wedding band or engagement ring from a fair trade source you must do your homework and ask a lot of questions. But it is possible. You can get custom rings, Celtic Claddagh designs, Christian rings and any manner of a diamond ring.

It is important to ask for documentation for the entire process. A truly conflict free diamond, for example, will have a certificate proving the mine source, where it was cut and where it was polished. It is the same for gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and other metals. As they say: Buyer beware!