Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands, Irish Claddagh, Custom And Christian

Wedding Rings, Engagement rings for women in gold and diamondEngagement rings for women in gold and diamond - Wedding Bands Engagement rings

Now that you have decided to get married, you need to decide on engagement rings and wedding bands. There are so many choices: different designs, colors, styles, etc. how can you make a good decision? You want an affordable ring that expresses your personal taste and love.

Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings For Men In Gold And Diamond.Engagement Rings For Men In Gold And Diamond.

Engagement rings for men are not that common, though it is a bit more popular than in previous eras. Traditionally, a woman does not propose marriage to a man, and historically it was only allowed on days such as a Leap Year, February 29.

In spite of the fact that nearly every custom and tradition has been challenged in recent times, men still ask women to get married. Some men choose an engagement ring that will also work as a wedding band. This is actually a good way to buy a nice ring without needing some kind of engagement ring financing.

Type of engagement rings and wedding bands

Many couples decide on a matched set for their special expression of love and devotion. A favorite is the Irish Claddagh ring set. This features a set gem, such as a diamond, in yellow or white gold for the woman and a simpler, wider band for the man. The design is matching and makes a very good set.

Because many men work with their hands they need and want a durable ring. 24K gold is pure gold, but this is a very poor choice because the gold is so soft. It will be damaged in no time and you will be disappointed.

A better choice for the man is a tougher material, such as titanium, carbide, palladium, or even white gold. White gold is actually plated gold, which makes is tougher and more durable. Carbon fiber is also a newcomer to the ring selection and is becoming more popular all the time. Stainless steel is also very durable and can be quite a nice choice for a man.

Christian wedding bands make a nice set for believers who wish to celebrate their faith, along with their commitment to one another. There are many motifs available, such as the Latin cross, scripture engravings, Greek symbols such as the familiar fish, and Celtic crosses.

Custom rings can come in almost any design imaginable. There are rings for bikers, skull rings, musician rings, and whatever else you might wish to have custom made. These, of course, cost more because they are so unique. On the other hand, there are some more generic custom designs that are more affordable.

Engagement ring financing

When you really sit down and look at it, engagement ring financing is usually not a good idea, unless you are the one selling the ring or the finance company. If a couple cannot afford two rings, maybe they should wait a while until things improve financially. It does not bode well to start a life together if you go into debt to do so.

In some cases, some extenuating circumstances, it makes sense to take out a loan to purchase an engagement ring or wedding band. These cases are few and far between though and the couple should seriously consider selecting a less expensive set that they can truly afford.