Elegant Designer Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes, Designer wedding shoes for brideDesigner wedding shoes for bride - Designer Wedding Shoes

If you are planning to have a very elaborate wedding on quite a large scale, then you would certainly be looking for some great designer wedding shoes. Be prepared to dish out a decent amount of cash as designer shoes will certainly cost you dearly. But do remember that all that matters in the end is that your shoes should complement your gown, the accessories and make you look beautiful.

Wedding Shoes, Designer Wedding Shoes Maggie Sottero.Designer Wedding Shoes Maggie Sottero.

Wedding Shoes, Designer Wedding Shoes Carolyn Pump Platfrom Wedding Shoes.Designer Wedding Shoes Carolyn Pump Platfrom Wedding Shoes.

Do not pick up just any pair of wedding shoes because they are stylish or in fashion. Remember that they have to be very comfortable or you would end up with really sore feet on the day of the wedding. Your shoes can be stylish as well as fashionable even if you pick them up from a modest designer shoe store. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars with the high-end designers. An elegant and beautiful pair of designer shoes can be bought from any good wedding accessories store.

Some Great Designer Wedding Shoes

  • “Carolyn”- These are white heels in satin and have an elastic back strap. Generally available with a 3.5 inch heel and pointed toes. Try and pick up a size larger than yours as they usually are small.
  • “Bow ribbon”- These are open-toed heels with a bow made of satin in the center. They have a 3.75 inch heel and approve to be comfortable wear for all occasions.
  • “Blue Tux”- These round-toed flat shoes are cute as well as comfortable. They are made in dyeable satin, so if you are looking for dyed shoes, your search ends here. They have a 0.25 inch heel with a ribbon on the toe.
  • “Maggie”- These satin silk heels are a show stealer. They are unique enough to accompany your elegant dress. They have a scalloped heel and a crystal front. Something that will make you feel like a star at the end of the day.

The above are the most popular types of designer bridal shoes available in the stores. You will probably be able to find more with some research on your part. Another kind of designer shoes are the dyeable wedding shoes. They can be dyed to match the color of your wedding gown. Later, you can get them dyed again to match some other dress. So you could utilize your wedding shoe, which otherwise would be useless after the wedding.

Wedding Shoes, Designer Wedding Shoes Bow Ribbon Dyeable Shoes And Wedding Shoes.Designer Wedding Shoes Bow Ribbon Dyeable Shoes And Wedding Shoes.

Wedding Shoes, Designer Wedding Shoes Blue Tux Heels Unique Wedding Footwear.Designer Wedding Shoes Blue Tux Heels Unique Wedding Footwear.

If you cannot spend the required amount on designer wedding shoes, then go in for the cheap ones. By cheap, I do not mean that they would be in any way less stylish than the expensive ones. But you would soon realize that the cost of the designer shoe is higher because of the added cost of marketing involved. In the end, cheap wedding shoes are just as good as any other wedding shoe.

So what are you waiting for, go and search for some good stores and get your pair of designer wedding shoes today.