Donate Wedding Dress

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When the big day has come and gone, many brides are not sure what to do with their wedding gown.

Some choose to keep it, others pass it on or sell it to another bride. But there is an additional option that can help another deserving bride.

Donate Wedding Dress

Some brides are choosing to donate their wedding dress, and there are many good reasons to do this. The first, and most important, is that you will be helping either another bride or a cause that is very important to you.

Helping Another Bride

Depending on where you choose to exercise the donate wedding dress option, you may be able to put your dress right into the hands of a bride who may not otherwise be able to afford a gown. Check in your area for charities that may help with such needs.

If you choose to have your bridesmaid’s dresses donated as well, then those dresses could be given to a charity that provides prom dresses for girls that cannot afford to buy one.

Helping a Variety of Important Causes

Another way to go about the donate wedding dress option is to donate it to an organization that supports a cause that is important to you. Many types of charities all over the country accept such donations. For example, some charities, such as hospitals and veteran’s groups, operate their own thrift stores. Gowns donated to those groups would be sold in the thrift stores and the money would go to the charity.

A group called Making Memories has a division called Brides Against Breast Cancer. They accept donated gowns – both new and used – and then hold gown sales in several cities. The money raised is used to fund wishes that they grant to terminally ill women suffering with breast cancer.

Visit to learn more about the group, and to learn how you can exercise the donate wedding dress option through this group.

If there is a charity that you particularly love, call and ask them if they accept wedding dress donations. Many groups do, even if you may not have heard them advertise such a need.

Depending on the type of group, the dress may go right into the hands of a deserving bride or be sold to fund the work of the group.

Another option is to donate your dress directly to someone that you personally know who may not be able to afford a gown of her own. Even though the selection of a gown seems like such a personal choice, many brides who cannot afford one would be very appreciative of such an offer.

Just be sure to word your offer in a way that does not make the bride feel obligated to accept. Just make the offer known, but leave the decision up to the bride. If you think there is a chance such an offer may offend her, consider running it by her maid of honor or, if appropriate, a family member first.

Choosing to donate your wedding gown is a selfless choice. It will, in one way or another, help others in need.