Fun Ideas for DIY Wedding Favors Decorations

Wedding Decoration, DIY Wedding Favors Decorations Really Simple Of DIY Wedding FavorsDIY Wedding Favors Decorations Really Simple Of DIY Wedding Favors - Wedding Favors Decorations

Wedding favors are a great way to say thanks to your guest on your big day. There endless possibilities regarding design or decoration. They are also the perfect way to incorporate your wedding colors and express your personality. Depending on your timeline and your budget wedding, favors can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Here are a few fun examples, decoration ideas and the latest trends and designs in easy and affordable wedding favors.

Decoration Tip 1:
Use little clear boxes, fill them with your favorite candy and choose a color to coordinate with your reception theme. Glue a little flower on top and you have a little nice and shiny and clean-looking wedding favor.

Decoration Tip 2:
Use a little takeout box in your favorite color, tie it with ribbon and decorate it with a charm or a paper flower. Fill the inside with a fortune cookie that says “Thanks for joining us on our wedding day. You can place these near the exit, so guests can take a treat with them as they leave.

Decoration Tip 3:
Use little mini paper bags and simply fill them with little essentials and travel-size bottles with a note from the bride and groom. Your guests will love them. These little paper bag favors are the perfect decorations for traveling guests or a destination wedding.

Decoration Tip 4:
Here is a quick and easy idea. Use some cellophane paper, fill it with treats and tie them with a ribbon and a charm, and you are done.

Decoration Tip 5:
Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and attach heart-shaped mini cakes wrapped in cellophane with charm and ribbon to the cookie cutter. Your guests will love them! Sweet and easy.

Decoration Tip 6:
Gifts for the wedding party. Use little sliding boxes in your preferred color, fill each box and add a decoration to make them unique. These are great for holding wrapped candies.

Each of these favors can be personalized for any wedding theme. They can be used at an engagement party, or a bridal shower, hotel favors and as gifts for the bridal party.

The only limit for all these easy and cheap wedding favor decorations is your imagination.

Be creative and have fun.