DIY Wedding Arch Decorations

Wedding Decoration, DIY metal wedding arch decorations with flowersDIY metal wedding arch decorations with flowers - Wedding Arch Decorations

Taking your vows under an archway is one of the most popular ways to say yes in the U S. So it’s no wonder, that stylish arch wedding decorations are in high demand. If you are on a budget, (and who isn’t nowadays) decorating an arch can be tricky. Here are a few tricks hat will help you to get off the ground:

Wedding Decoration, Wedding Bamboo Archways.Wedding Bamboo Archways.

Wedding Decoration, Wooden Diy Wedding Arch Decorations.Wooden Diy Wedding Arch Decorations.

Arch Decoration Materials

The main materials you need to decorate an arch are a fabric, florals and some floral wire to attach the flowers. There are a couple of different types of archways and the different types are going to determine how you decorate them.

Wooden Arch

It is relatively easy to achieve nice looking decorations for a wooden arch. For instance, you could decorate it with flowers and fabric, almost like window dressing. Take fabric and cover the front of the wood. These fabrics, you can easily purchase from your local craft store. Then get little bundles of flowers and arrange them on each corner and down the sides.

Wedding Decoration, DIY Wedding Arch Decorations Stone Archways.DIY Wedding Arch Decorations Stone Archways.

Wedding Decoration, DIY Wedding Arch Decorations Sample Bamboo Archways.DIY Wedding Arch Decorations Sample Bamboo Archways.

Stone Archways

Another kind of arches would be a stone archway. Again, Stone arches can be decorated with various fabric, and ivy florals for instance. Another great idea for decorating a wedding arch would be to disperse flower petals under and around the archway. Usually fresh petals are recommended since they bring some color and some very nice fragrances in your ceremony. These can usually be purchased at local stores as well for very little money.

Here is another insider tip. Always, buy the pedals on your own, away from your florist, because then you can pick your colors and you can get a little more creative. The other reason is, that petals purchased at a florist are often up to 100% more expensive, compared to similar offers at the local grocery store.

Wedding Bamboo Archways

If you decide to get married at a beach, then bamboo archways can be exactly what you are looking for. They are very sturdy but highly flexible. Bamboo wedding arch decorations are the new kids on the block. They are easy to decorate and to set up.

It doesn’t matter with which archway you decide to go for. Getting married under an Archway is a magic experience and does not necessarily always have to break the budget.