Design Your Own Wedding Dress

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There are many benefits when you choose to design your own wedding dress. Obviously, you will have creative control. Surprisingly, you may even be able to save money over the cost of purchasing a dress from a retail store.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you choose to design your own wedding dress.

Know Your Ability

Are you a designer? Do you have any experience designing clothes? If not, you should get a little help from someone who does. Find a local seamstress who has experience working from photos rather than from patterns.

She will likely be able to help you put your ideas on paper to the point that she will be able to work from the drawing.

Have an Idea What You Want

Many brides make the mistake of seeing a dress in a picture and thinking that is her dream dress. The problem is that not every dress is going to look great on every bride.

When you plan to design your own wedding dress, the best thing to do is to try on a variety of dresses to see which style suits you best. Take pictures of the ones you like and use those pictures to help you in creating your design.

Check Online

There are many websites that allow you to design your own dress using a variety of skirt types, sleeves, necklines and other details. This will allow you play around with different parts of the dress and be able to see it as you make changes.

For brides that have trouble envisioning what the dress will look like from a drawing, this is a big help.

Sewing It Yourself?

Just because you design your own wedding dress doesn’t necessarily mean you should also sew your own dress. This is a really bad idea unless you have created wedding gowns before. Even if you have sewing experience, making a wedding dress is not the same as making a skirt for home economics class.

Unless you are very sure of your ability, have someone else make the dress.

How To Save

There are a few ways that you can save by designing your own dress. The first is to choose less luxurious fabrics. You can have a dress created that is similar to a dress you love, but you can use synthetic fabric instead of expensive silks and other choices.

Of course, how much you’ll be able to save will depend on the seamstress that you choose. Remember, when you are buying a dress from a retail shop you are paying a huge markup to cover their overhead such as rent and salaries for the employees.

Many seamstresses work from their home and have no such expenses. Of course, you want to choose a very skilled seamstress, so you’ll need to browse through her portfolio to be sure that her skills are up to your standards.

Whether you are trying to save money on the dress or just want a unique creation, when you design your own wedding dress it allows you to be closer to the process and will give you a dress that is one of a kind and exactly what you want.