Crystal Cascading Wedding Cake Stands

Wedding Cake, Crystal cake stands for wedding cakesCrystal cake stands for wedding cakes - Wedding Cake Stands

The crystal, cascading wedding cake stand has individual plates, plates that have been arranged in tiers. Those tiers might go up in a straight angle, like a set of bleachers, or they might rise in a manner that more closely resembles a natural object. The style of the crystal, cascading cake stand is determined by the future bride.

Wedding Cake, Crystal Cascading Wedding Cake Stands.Crystal Cascading Wedding Cake Stands.

Wedding Cake, Crystal Wedding Cake Stands.Crystal Wedding Cake Stands.

The future bride also determines the extent and manner in which she wants to decorate the cascading cake stand. She might want to drape the stand pillars in ribbons. On the other hand, she might want to cover each pillar with a string of flowers.

The beauty of the cascading cake stand in crystal should be secondary to its stability. No bride wants to see her wedding cake on the floor. The future bride should keep stability in mind, as she selects the sizes for the individual plates in her tiered cake stand.

The most frequently-requested plate sizes are those with a 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch diameter. Some brides like to have a plate with a diameter of 5 inches on the top tier. Some brides want base plates that have a diameter of 15 inches or 20 inches. Often, a crystal or stainless steel wedding cake serving set can further help accentuate the decor.

Is the cascading cake stand going to be used at an evening wedding? If so, then the future bride might want to order a cascading candle set, to be placed next to the cake stand. If the future bride orders the cake stand (and candle stand?) from an online merchant, then she needs to keep a few facts in mind.

The ability of a future bride to cancel an online order is time-based. If the future bride finds it necessary to place an urgent order for a cascading cake stand, she should note that fact in the comment field. The future bride should watch for any shipping limitations. Usually not all online products qualify for all shipping methods.

A future bride should keep up on any evidence of employee discontent within a carrier service. If a carrier’s employees go on strike before the wedding day, she could have an unexpected problem. Perhaps the online merchant has taken steps to avoid that tragedy.

Future brides should not expect carriers to hold products. The nervous bride should arrange to sign for the order when it arrives. Carriers frown on requests to hold a shipped item. They tend to suspect fraud, and to thus send the item back to the place from which it has been shipped.