Consider a Crochet Wedding Dress For Your Wedding

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A crochet wedding dress is beautiful, elegant and, quite often, one of a kind. Brides who choose a crochet wedding dress want something that is unique, romantic and timeless.

Wedding Dresses, Irish Crochet Wedding Dress.Irish Crochet Wedding Dress.

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Off The Rack

While it might take a bit of searching to find a crochet wedding dress at a bridal salon, there are some ready to order gowns that include some crochet work.

Most often, it will not be the entire dress that is crocheted, but instead the finer details of the dress will include some crocheting.

Wedding Dresses, Sexy Crochet Wedding Dress.Sexy Crochet Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dresses, Irish Crochet Wedding Dress Pattern.Irish Crochet Wedding Dress Pattern.

There are some online retailers who may offer a small selection of these dresses, but it may be difficult to find exactly what you want because of the limited number of choices.

If you want a gown that is exactly what you want in a crochet wedding dress, you will need to either have the dress made or buy a pattern and make it yourself.

Custom Made

Having a crochet wedding dress custom made is the best way to get exactly what you want. The dress will, of course, be fitted to your body and will be made in the exact style of your choosing.

The downside, however, is that having a crochet wedding dress created is quite expensive. It takes a lot of hours to create such a dress, so expect to pay the price for such a labor intensive choice.

For the same reason, you will need to order the dress well in advance of your wedding. You need to allow time for the dress to be created as well as additional time for fittings.

Do it Yourself

If you know how to crochet then you have the option of making your own crochet wedding dress. This is not a task for a novice to the craft. Creating a beautiful crochet wedding dress is not an easy job, so be sure that you know what you are doing before deciding to take this on as wedding project.

If you do think you are ready to make your own dress, you will find that there is no shortage of patterns for this type of dress. You will be able to find patterns in craft and fabric stores as well as on online retail Web sites.

This is not a project to start a month before the wedding. In addition to allowing enough time to create the dress, you also need to leave some room for error.

One bride was sure that she wanted to create her own crochet wedding dress, but when it was finished, she hated it. With only a month to go before her wedding day, she had to scramble to find something else.

Start early and leave enough time that you will be easily able to move on to Plan B if necessary.


Many brides who choose a crochet wedding dress also select accessories to match. There are patterns for crochet handbags, headpieces, flower cozies and even crocheted wedding night undergarments.

Some of the accessories may be easier to find ready-made than the dress itself.

A crochet wedding dress is beautiful, but creating one is a lot of work. Be sure to plan accordingly if this is to be your choice.

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