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Decorating a church for a wedding can be a very confusing and overwhelming job. The walk down the aisle is a snapshot in a bride’s memory that she wants absolutely flawless, and a big part of that memory is the decorations in the church. Whether the bride designs the church wedding decorations herself or enlists the help of her florist, decorating a church for a wedding is a big job.

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Many churches have certain rules and criteria that must be followed when decorating for a wedding. Be sure to check with the church administration before planning for the big day. Other than that, decorating a church is all about architecture, color and scale. Keeping these in mind when designing church wedding decorations will result in a church as beautiful as the day itself.

Architecture: One of the most beautiful features of a church is its architecture. Whether the church has vaulted ceilings or hand-carved pews, the architecture is an element that should still shine through the wedding decorations. For example, while many brides dream of walking down a pink aisle rug strewn with rose petals, an old church with a gorgeous slate floor may be just the thing to help the bride make her grand entrance. Similarly, church pews are often a detail that should not be covered. Especially in older churches, the pews are handcrafted and carved. They are beautiful in and of themselves. Decorating them with fluffy bows, ribbons and floral arrangements only cover their natural beauty. Instead, consider decorating a less ornate area of the church. While church doors are often wooden and beautiful, decorating doors and building support beams can allow for beautiful decorating without covering up the beauty of the church.

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Wedding Decoration, Simple Church Decorations For Wedding.Simple Church Decorations For Wedding.

Colors: Churches are full of color and are therefore usually perfect for decorating. Many churches have stained glass windows and extensive tapestries or silk banners behind the pulpit. Most likely, those items will remain during the wedding ceremony. It is important to keep in mind the color scheme of the church wedding decoration with both the environment and theme where possible. Nothing could be worse for wedding pictures than clashing color schemes! The decision to coordinate colors should not be one that is left to the florist. Coordinating colors should begin with the bridal party so that the party, the church and the flowers will all flow on the big day.

Scale: Churches come in many different sizes, from a small town, one story gathering spots to giant-sized cathedrals with four-story ceilings. Flowers and other wedding decorations need to fit the scale of the church. For a small church, keep decorating to a minimum. Filling the room up with flowers and ribbon will only crowd the room and make the setting look overwhelmed and sloppy. Arrangement sizes, even if only a few are used, should be small as well to fit with the size of the building. Oppositely, large churches need large arrangements and more decorating. Under decorating will leave the space looking bare and unfinished. In more deluxe, higher budget weddings, the floral and deco of the ceremony venue match the wedding centerpiece design in the reception and dinner.

Church wedding decorations can be a creative part of wedding planning that adds to the magic of the event.

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