Christian Wedding Bands, Inexpensive Rings And Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings, Christian Wedding Bands 18K Gold Rosary wedding RingChristian Wedding Bands 18K Gold Rosary wedding Ring - Christian Wedding Bands

It makes perfect sense for a believers to buy Christian wedding bands and engagement rings, after all, marriage is a sacrament established by God. With the many quality jewelers in the marketplace, it is quite possible to find some very nice, yet inexpensive rings.

Wedding Rings, Christian Wedding Bands Scripture Rings Wedding.Christian Wedding Bands Scripture Rings Wedding.

Wedding Rings, Christian Wedding Bands Celtic Claddagh Wedding Rings Claddagh Two-Tone Heart Diamond Engagement Ring Set.Christian Wedding Bands Celtic Claddagh Wedding Rings Claddagh Two-Tone Heart Diamond Engagement Ring Set.

Christian wedding band choices

Wedding ring sets. Many couples prefer this as an expression of their oneness. Matching sets come in many varieties, such as varying widths for him and her, identical widths, themed designs, as well as the various metals available.

  • 14k and 18k white gold matching sets make a lovely choice. White gold is plated gold, which enhances the brilliance and makes it durable. In the event that the plated wears off, it is easy to re-plate.
  • 14k and 18k milgrain two-tone matching sets are very popular. Milgrain has engraved designs on the edges, similar to tiny bead work. This makes an elegant ring set.
  • 14k and 18k yellow gold double row sets add a flair to the set. Often his ring is wider than hers and matches perfectly.

Celtic Claddagh rings
While not exactly a traditional Christian ring, there is no doubt that the theme of loyalty, love and friendship are virtues of the faith. When a Celtic cross is incorporated in the design, even more symbolism can be found.

Scripture rings
You can buy wedding bands with your favorite passage engraved, or find suitable verses to save on expenses. These rings can be a reminder and testament to your faith.

Latin crosses make a very traditional design that has stood the test of centuries. The elegant simplicity of this pattern is an easy choice for the conservative at heart.

Rosary rings
Catholic and orthodox believers have the option of rosary rings to remind them of their belief. These can be made of titanium, palladium, carbide, silver or gold.

Padre Nuestro
For the Spanish speaking, you can buy rings with portions of the Lord’s Prayer engraved. With some effort, you can also get your favorite passage engraved as well.

The Christian faith is rich in ceremony and tradition, even Evangelical churches have their rituals, though they may deny it! It is just human nature to want to preserve special moments and life-changing events. What better way to celebrate the union of a man and a woman than with a festive gathering and sealing it with Christian wedding rings?